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Chapter Twenty Eight: 'TIl Death Do Us Part

While Sebastian was waiting on Emmalina to gather her things, Theodore and Paris bumped into him on the street. "Hello Sebastian and where is the lovely Emmalina tonight?" Theodore asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"She's gathering her things from her parent's apartment." Sebastian answered.

"Oh so I see you are now committed to her. That's one of those steps you a relationship, I read it in a magazine. Good for you." Theodore joked.

Paris scoffed. "I didn't know Playboy had words in them."

"Ooo yeah. It has lots of words. I read them...sometimes." Theodore said as he smiled at her.

Paris laughed and hit him in the shoulder. "You are such a mess."

"Hmmm...but I'm your mess. A sexy beast of a mess but yours none the less."

Sebastian just shook his head at the couple. He was about to chime in but he got a sharp pain in his abdomen and his instincts were on red alert because his mate was in pain. "Emmalina." he breathed and he was off in a blur. Theodore and Paris looked at each other worriedly and followed him.

When Sebastian rushed into her room, he saw her on the floor. "Bastian...I think this is it!" Emmalina said out of breath. He picked her up gently and laid her on the bed. "What are you doing? You need to call 911 or take me to the hospital."

"Emmalina, you can't have the baby in the hospital. It's an immortal child. They will do blood work and tests on it when it's born. Then they will soon find out that it's not normal and we will be exposed."

"Wha...WHAT! No, I need to go to the hospital! I need drugs, Bastian. DO YOU HEAR ME! I need modern, Western medicine...NOW!" She said as she fought through another contraction.

"I'm so sorry." was all he said but he meant for more than just not taking her to the hospital.

Amelia walked in when she heard Emmalina yelling. "What's go....Oh my God! Is it time?" Amelia said with a smile. "Come on, let's go! I'll grab the car and bring it around."

Sebastian explained why they couldn't go and Amelia felt very bad for her daughter. She remembered when she was in labor with Emmalina and she would have gladly taken that Epidural needle in her eye ball if it would have made the pain go away faster. "Who's going to deliver the baby!?"

"I will." Sebastian answered.

"You know how to do that?" Amelia asked.

"I've seen thousands of babies born in my 400 odd years. The process is all the same."

Theodore and Paris finally decided to walk into the room instead of lurking in the hallway. "Who the hell are they?" Amelia asked.

"Friends." Sebastian muttered. Sebastian grabbed Emmalina's desk chair and rolled it over to the bed. He sat down and took her hand. He listened to her heartbeat and the baby's. Everything was fine....for now. "Amelia could you find Emmalina some kind of robe or gown to put on."

Amelia nodded and went searching through Emmalina's dresser. She found a white night gown and held it up. "Well this do?"

"Yes." He took it from her and helped Emmalina change into it.

Within a couple of hours it was time for Emmalina to push. "I can't do this." She sobbed.

"Emmalina, yes you can. It's almost over. All of it, is almost over." Sebastian said with his own tears in his eyes.

"Emmalina, you're doing so great." Amelia cried as she wiped sweat off of Emmalina's forehead.

Emmalina pushed as hard as she could. She felt like her insides were being ripped out. "One more. Just one more is all you have left." Sebastian said. Amelia grabbed the blankets beside the bed so she could wrap the baby up. Emmalina gave one more final push and then everyone heard the first cries of a beautiful baby girl. "Alexis." Sebastian whispered as he held his daughter for the first time. He closed his eyes as tears began to spill over them. She would never know him as her father. He looked straight at Theodore and said, "Call her Lexi." Theodore nodded solemnly.

Sebastian gave Lexi to Amelia to wrap her in the blankets and laid her in Emmalina's arms. "She's....beautiful." Emmalina cried. Emmalina gently rubbed her finger on Lexi's soft cheeks. Emmalina started to feel a little light headed and the room started to spin.

Donovan came home from work late and noticed the door was already unlocked. He slowly opened it, looking around to make sure no one was there to surprise him. He heard Amelia talking to someone in Emmalina's room and rushed towards her. It had been almost two months since he'd seen her. When he walked into the room he was shocked. Amelia stood beside Emmalina who was lying in bed drenched in blood, there were two vampires and some strange woman he'd never met before. He looks at his daughter and noticed how weak she looked. "YOU!" Donovan said as he pointed his finger at Sebastian. "What have you done to her?" Donovan screams. There is so much blood, it's everywhere.

Sebastian has finally lost it. He's in front of Donovan before anyone can react and grabs him by the throat and lifts him up. "I should rip out your spine and beat you with it for what you've done to her! You don't think I know this is MY fault? You don't think a part of me wishes I'd died before she met me so she would be safe and live a long happy life? I don't need you to tell me any of this. So shut the fuck up before I eat you." With his last words he threw Donovan against the wall.

"Sebastian! Something's wrong. I...I can't get the bleeding to stop. She's already lost too much as it is." Amelia said panicking.

"She's dying. There's nothing I can do about it." Sebastian said as he walked back over to Emmalina.

Donovan got off the floor and ran to Emmalina's side. He'd been a fool. He'd never seen so much turmoil and despair as he had in that vampire's. Some how he had to fix what he'd said to his daughter. "Emmalina? Can you hear me?" Donovan asked as he moved her hair out of face. She barely opened her eyes and looked at him. "God, Emmalina, I'm so sorry. You have to know that. I didn't...I'm sorry. I love you so much." He said as he broke down and lost his voice. Emmalina tried to raise her hand to put it on his but it was no use. She couldn't move anymore and then the darkness took her over.

Donovan jumped up and turned to look at Sebastian. "DO SOMETHING!?

"I CAN'T!" Sebastian yelled as he kneeled down beside Emmalina. He grabbed her hands and waited for the inevitable.

"Sebastian..I'm so sorry. If there's..." Theodore started.

"Leave. Just please.....go." Sebastian said quietly with sorrow in his voice. This was it for him. Without her, he couldn't survive. He wished one of the gods would strike him down now so he wouldn't have to hear Emmalina's last heart beat. But he knew he deserved to hear it because it was his fault why it was going to stop in the first place. He'd be glad when he steped in the morning light, to see the sun for the first time in over 400 years. He'd welcome it to escape his torture. He was heartbroken over his daughter too. He wished he would be able to survive long enough to raise her but he would go mad in days without his mate. But at least she'd be safe with Theodore and Paris.

Theodore and Paris left the room and walked out of the apartment. "See this is why I don't have mortal friends." Paris sniffed. "They're just too damn depressing." Both of them knew that was the last time they would see Emmalina or Sebastian alive. Theodore wrapped his arms around Paris as they mourned their friends.

Inside Emmalina's room, Amelia was devastated. "Sebastian you can't just let her die! Someone has to be able to fix this!"

"There is no one."

"Turn her....into one of you." Amelia finally said

"Amelia. You can't be serious?" Donovan said.

"Donovan I would rather have a vampire daughter than no daughter at all!"

Donovan nodded. "Do it." He hated what they were doing to her but Amelia was right. What kind of father would he be if he just let his daughter die because he couldn't put aside his hate? He had to believe that she would be the same. He'd done a lot of soul searching recently and there was one thing he was sure of, his family meant the world to him. If he permanently lost them, he'd fall apart. Vampires might have taken away everything he had at one time in his life, but this one was about to give him back one of the things he loved most in the world, his daughter.


"NO!? Why not!" Donovan asked.

"Because it's not what she wants. I can't turn her unless she wants to be turned."

"Well I don't fucking care what she wants! At least she be here to yell at us about it." Amelia said.

"I won't take away her humanity without her permission. It's not what she wants. I can't turn someone who doesn't want to be turned. I'll be executed for it. Which means she would go mad or follow. No...I won't put her through that. This is how it has to end. I guess Alesana the Ever Knowing doesn't know everything after all."

When Sebastian mentioned Alesana's name, Amelia remembered what Alesana told her about calling a witch's power. It had to be done when they were unconscious so they wouldn't fight it. She told her that she would know when the time was right and what to do. She now understood why she had told all of this to her that day when she went to her house. Amelia cleared her mind and walked over to Emmalina. She held her hand and started the spell.

Powers of the Witches rise,
Course unseen across the skies.
Come to me, I call you near,
Come to me and settle here.

"Amelia, what are you doing?" Sebastian asked as waves of energy lifted from Emmalina and went into Amelia.

"What I'm supposed to. If you want turn her on your own...then I'll MAKE you do it." Amelia said. She looked at Sebastian and tried to focus. It was hard to do when Emmalina's breathing slowed down to almost nothing. She thought of what she wanted him to do, hoping Emmalina's power worked similar to her own. Turn her.

Sebastian's fangs slid out as his head dipped towards Emmalina's throat. "What did you do?" Donovan asked as Sebastian tried to fight Amelia's influence.

"I borrowed Emmalina's power. Now I can control him to turn her whether he wants to or not." Amelia turned back to Sebastian. NOW.

He couldn't fight it anymore. Especially now with his instincts screaming to do it. He bent down even closer to her neck and sank his fangs in. This time when they connected, the bright light that was once Emmalina was so very dim. He drank what little blood she had left and removed his fangs. Finish it. Amelia gave him another command. "Silver." Was all he said. Donovan ran in his bedroom and grabbed one of the silver knives he had hidden under the mattress. He ran back into Emmalina's room and handed it to Sebastian, half debating whether he should plunge it in the vampire's heart instead. But he knew his daughter would certainly die if the vampire didn't finish turning her. When Sebastian had the knife, ignoring Donovan's thoughts, he sliced a wrist open and held it to her mouth and his blood started to slide down her throat. After a few minutes of recutting his wrist every time it healed, Emmalina wasn't getting enough in her. "Hold her mouth open." He told Donovan.

Donovan walked over to Emmalina and parted her lips. He watched in horror as Sebastian slit his throat open and held his neck above Emmalina's mouth. "Oh shit, I think I'm going to be sick." Donovan said. He had seen a lot of fucked up shit in his day but his daughter drinking vampire blood from a vampire that just slit his own throat open was a little too much.

Sebastian managed to get enough blood in her this time. "Now we wait."

"Thank you." Amelia said.

"I didn't really have a choice. Which means I'm not responsible for this. So I should be thanking you." Sebastian said as he realized Alesana's plan all along.

"I'll take the baby to get her cleaned up and fed." Amelia said and then winced, "I don't have to give her blood do I?"

"No. She needs formula like any other newborn."

"Okay, that's a relief." Before she walked out she stopped and turned to him. "She's beautiful you know. She has your eyes."

"I know. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that she wouldn't be perfect."

Amelia smiled at him and took Lexi into the kitchen with Donovan following her, leaving Sebastian alone with Emmalina. He wouldn't let himself feel any relief or happiness yet, not until she woke up. It would take her a few hours for the transformation to be completed. He was worried how she would react to what he and her Mother did to her. He had considered so many times to tell her she wasn't going to make it unless he turned her. But he would also have to tell her that the baby would die while she was changing. He didn't want to put that on her. Plus, he knew his mate, she would have chosen to give up her life for her daughter. That was just the kind of person she was....pure of heart.

As the hours passed, Sebastian immediately saw it when Emmalina's hand jerked and rushed over by her bedside. Her eyes fluttered open and he was the first face she saw. He helped her to her feet and waited for her to say something.

"Wha..what happened?" She said as she tried to adjust her eyes. Everything was so much more vivid now then she remembered.

"How are you feeling?" He asked instead of answering her question.

"I feel....strange. And I'm I'm starving." She replied. She looked down at her blood soaked gown and at the paleness of her skin. " turned me?" She asked in shock.

"You would have died if I hadn't." He answered, leaving Amelia out of it.

"What? No, Alesana said.."

"No. This was the way you were going to survive."

Amelia walked into the room when she heard voices. "Emmalina it's not his fault. I made him do it."

Emmalina's fangs slid out at the sight her mother. "Mom, you smell.....delicious." She said as her eyes glowed a bit brighter and she was almost in a trance.

"Emmalina? Snap out of it." Sebastian said as he grabbed her face to focus her eyes on him.

Emmalina put her hand to her mouth. "Oh my God! Mom I'm so sorry!"

Amelia stopped walking towards then and back up a little. "I need some bagged blood. She needs to feed." Sebastian said as he turned to Amelia.

"Well, sure. I'll just go to my fridge and grab some." Amelia said sarcastically.

"Well then I need to take her home or things could get...messy."

"Where is Lexi?" Emmalina asked as she vaguely remembered seeing her daughter.

"She's in the living room with your father." Amelia answered.

"WHAT!? You left my vampire daughter alone with a vampire hunter?"

"Emmalina, please. She's his granddaughter for Christ's sake! You don't actually believe he would hurt her!" Amelia said.

"I don't know what to believe!" She said as she rushed into the living room.

When Emmalina got to the living room, she was a little surprised at what she saw. "Dad?" Emmalina asked as she eased towards her daughter.

Donovan's eyes widened when he saw his newly turned daughter. "Emmalina.." he said as he let out a breath. She looked like death. Her skin was white as cotton and her eyes glowed a brilliant blue. Then he noticed she looked scared and her eyes keep darting to Lexi. "Emmalina you can't think that I..."

"What am I supposed to think? You think they're....we're monsters remember?" Emmalina said with hurt in her voice.

"I was wrong." Donovan said as he looked down, ashamed to keep eye contact with her. "At least about her." he said as he looked down at the tiny baby in his arms. "I can't take back what I said and I'll regret it for the rest of my life. I'm not asking for your forgiveness because I don't deserve it."

"No, you don't." Emmalina said as tears ran down her cheeks.

"Is this the last time I'll see either of you?" Donovan asked, terrified of what her answer would be.

Emmalina didn't know what to say. She loved him, he was her father. But his words would play in her head every time she looked at him. "I won't keep you from her if you want a relationship with her. I want her to know both you and Mom and have the same thing with her that you both had with me. But you and I...we will never be the same."

"I know and yes, I'd like to be a part of her life."

Donovan walked towards Emmalina and she held out her hands. He gently placed Lexi in her arms. "You'll make a great mom, Emmalina."

She nodded her head and looked down at Lexi. She hoped he was right. She didn't know anything about raising children, neither did Sebastian.

Amelia and Sebastian joined them and they all huddled around the next generation. In that moment, Sebastian finally let himself feel the relief and happiness he'd been holding back. He'd been to hell and back throughout this whole ordeal and some how all of them had made it through. His mate was alive and immortal, his daughter was healthy and he'd fight to the death if anyone thought about taking either of them away from him.



Yay! Alexis "Lexi" Burkhart is finally here. Oh guys....just wait til you see her, she's gorgeous. Emmalina and Sebastian make beautiful children. It's a shame they can only have one....for now at least. I wasn't really satisfied with this chapter. It was supposed to be one of the epic ones but I felt like I fell short. =/ I got distracted several times and I've been writing and rewriting it for 2 days. The spell Amelia said was from the show Charmed. I changed the wording from 'us' to 'me'. Also, there was some more of my Photoshopping skills! Ahaha. Hopefully it looked okay because I couldn't find any bloody clothes. =/ Emmalina is the whitest Sim I've ever seen. She was pale to begin with but holy crap her skin blinds me. O_O


  1. That... is the whitest chick I have ever seen O_O. Well, so much for trying to get a tan! xD

    I'm glad Donovan is at least making an effort, and I LOVED his pouty face in the second to last photo (when he's handing Lexi over to Emmalina).

    I'm so glad things went the opposite of how Sebastian thought they would. <3

    1. Yeah, I may have to change her skin tone...It's just too much.

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  2. Wow, that was great, Jess!
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    1. Thanks Melissa! Yeah, I just had to put a little twist on it. =D

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    Glad that Donovan is finally getting some sense in that think head of his. xD

    I love the twist of Amelia making Sebastian turning her.

    1. Oo I know! She is so white she is glowing and I don't think that's because she's a vampire. Haha.

      Yeah, I think he realizes he messed up big time!

      Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

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  5. I love the way you had Amelia force Sebastian into changing Emmalina, it fitted so well with the story and gave him an out from the rules. I'm also glad that Donovan has come round at last.

  6. Wow. What an awesome, awesome chapter. I feel like my head's still reeling from all the excitement! I absolutely loved the twist, with Amelia and Sebastian. Also, your photoshopping skills kick ass. Maybe I'm just blind (or unobservant, lol), but I honestly couldn't tell that was edited after the shot. Very cool. =)

    Alexis is a gorgeous name, btw. I was secretly hoping they'd have a girl, so yay! (AND I FINALLY CAUGHT UP! *high five*)