Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chapter One: A New Beginning

"I hope I made the right decision." Amelia Burkhart mutters under her breath as she looked out of her new apartment window. The city seemed bigger than what she remembered on that trip she took with her parents. Her parents....thinking of them brings back horrible memories. Every time she closes her eyes all she sees is blood everywhere with her parents laying on the carpet in the living room in pools of thick, dark liquid. She'd just arrived home after attending her Prom to find them lying there. Murdered by some crazed psycho killer that was just passing through town. When the police finally arrested him, Amelia thought it would take some of the hurt away but it didn't. After graduating high school she decided to go to the Police Academy so she could bring others to justice. In hopes that less families would go through what she did.

Pushing those memories aside, she takes in the beautiful view outside her window. It's just what she needed. Finally away from the small town, where everyone knew her as the girl who lost her parents to a serial killer, and on to bigger and brighter things. Somewhere to start over where no one knows her. Plus, this city has a lot of crime, there is bound to be an opening at the Police Station.

She rides down the elevator to get the morning paper to see if there are any available jobs at the Police Station. She's in luck, there's a job open but it's at the bottom. "Oh well, I've got to start somewhere." she says. She throws the newspaper away and calls the station to let them know she wants the job. Just after she hangs up, someone knocks on the door. She looks through the peep hole and sees a little old lady. Then she unlocks the door to see what the older woman wants.

"Hello dear! I'm Mrs. Violet, you're neighbor. I live just across the hall and thought I'd come to welcome you to the building."

"Thank you,would you like to come in?" asks Amelia.

"Yes, thank you. You have a lovely apartment, I love what you've done with the place."

"Thank you Mrs. Violet. That's very kind of you. Would you like some tea?"

"No thank you dear, I can't stay long. I just wanted to make sure you were settling in okay. Are you new to the city?"

"Yes. I've only been here once and I'm a bit overwhelmed at the hustle. Everyone moves so fast here."

"Oh yes dear, you'll get use to it eventually. You should check out some of the night clubs downtown. A young thing like you needs to get out and explore the world around her."

Amelia starts to chuckle. "Thank you ma'am, I just might go do that."

"Well listen, I've got to run. If you need anything just let me know okay? Don't hesitate to ask."

"Thank you, I will and thanks again for welcoming me, I really appreciate it."

"No problem dear, have fun tonight. Bye."

"Bye" Amelia says as Mrs. Violet leaves. After she locks the door, she goes to the kitchen to grab some ice cream out of the refrigerator. She starts to sit on the couch and click on the television. No I think I'm going to take Mrs. Violet's advice and go out, she thought. She puts the ice cream up and starts to get ready.

She takes the subway downtown and sees several people going into a building. She decides to follow the crowd in. Luckily it's a club and she sits down at the bar to order a drink. This is just what I needed, she thinks as she sips her martini. She looks around at the people dancing, laughing, flirting and...Good God those people need a room. She downs the rest of her drink and orders another. After four martinis she decides to take a cab home. She has to be at work at 12:00pm and doesn't want to be late on her first day.

"I'm late!" Amelia cries after looking at her alarm clock. She quickly dresses and takes the subway to work since she missed the carpool. She arrives at the Police Station 20 minutes late. Quite an impression you're making, Amelia. She starts to head to the front desk.

"Amelia Burkhart?"

She turns her head to see who called her name. A man comes walking towards her.

"Are you Amelia Burkart? he says.

"Yes I am."

"Hello, I'm Romeo Rake. You're new partner. Welcome to NYPD."

"Thank you. I'm sorry I'm late. I'm still trying to get the hang of the street signs." she lies smoothly. She couldn't exactly tell him she was late because she went out drinking the night before.

"That's okay. I understand. Follow me and I'll show you to your desk."

She follows him into a room filled with cubicles. He leads her down the hall then turns right and stops at a desk.

"Here is where you will be working. It's actually a job level up from the one advertised in the paper. We did a background check on you and saw you're outstanding marks from the Sunset Valley Police Academy."

"Oh thank you. What do I need to do?"

"We've got a drug lord we want to bring in. See what you can find on his vehicles and his phone records."

"I'll get right on it."

After several hours of looking at numbers it's finally time to clock out. Amelia grabs her purse and heads out the door.

"Hey Amelia, wait up." Romeo shouts as he tries to catch up. She stops and waits for him.

"I'm sorry, did you need something else?" she asks.

"No. Actually I'm having a party tonight at my place and I wanted to know if you could come."

"Sure, what time does it start?"

"It's at 7:00pm and I live at the corner of 5th and Rose Ave."

"Okay I'll be there." After getting home to freshen up, Amelia takes a cab to Romeo's place.

"Hey, I'm glad you came." Romeo says. "There's pizza on the counter and beer in the fridge, help yourself."

"Thank you" she replies.

"Oh, Amelia there is someone I want you to meet. This is my roommate, Donovan McArthur. Donovan this is my new partner, Amelia Burkhart" Amelia and Donovan shake hands.

"Nice to meet you." they say at the same time. "So you're a cop?" Donovan says.

"Yes, but barely. I'm on desk duty since I just started." replies Amelia.

"I'm sure you'll be chasing down the bad guys before you know it." he said with a smile.

"Yeah, she's going to to do great." Romeo says as he joins the conversation. Amelia and Donovan talk for hours while Romeo jumps in every now and than while he's making the rounds to the other guests.

"Can I get your number or email address or something? I really enjoy talking to you." Donovan asks.

"Sure, I'll give you both. I've really enjoyed talking to you too." She opens her purse and takes out her business card and hands it to him. "Well listen I'm going to tell Romeo goodbye and head home, I've got a busy day tomorrow." she says.

"Okay. Call you tomorrow?" he asks.

"Yes I'd like that." she says with a smile.

Amelia walks over to Romeo and waits while he's talking to another woman. "I'm getting a bit tired so I think I'm going to head home. Thank you for inviting me, I had a lovely time."

"You're welcome, I knew you would. I see you and Donovan hit it off nicely." he says.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asks.

"Oh nothing, I'll see you tomorrow at work." he replies. Amelia walks out the building and decides to walk home since it's such a wonderful night. She can't help but to think about Donovan and wonders if he'll call tomorrow. I hope he does. He's handsome, funny and charming. I could really fall for a guy like that, she thinks as she walks down the sidewalk to her apartment building.



I'm not sure if you can tell or not but Amelia's thoughts are italicized. It may be hard to see it though. I thought I'd try and use some thoughts this go round.


  1. Again :D a great start! I'm sorry you had to start over, but you did great!

    The thoughts were very clear, in fact, I think I might steal that, I noticed others doing it as well, and it might be more obvious to let people know it's thoughts than what i'm doing (just the same as talking, but then with 'he thinks, 'she thinks behind it....)

    Poor Amelia though, that is some background you gave her! I hope she can find some peace by capturing some bad guys by herself!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm glad you were able to tell those were thoughts. The thing is I still wrote she thought behind it. I couldn't help myself, just in case anyone was confused. I know, I felt like she needed a sad background so everyone could see why she wanted to be a cop so bad. It's still pretty sad though.

  2. Yeah, I'm sorry you had to start over, too, but you've made a great start. I love Amelia's background story.
    My husband had a similar issue when he was a teen playing in bands in the local clubs in his hometown. Everyone knew him as the kid whose mother was murdered. So that was a touch of realism for me.
    Donovan is a cutie. I love his ink!

    1. Thank you so much. Oh my, I'm so sorry about your husband's mother, that's so horrible. My number one biggest fear is for a loved one or myself to be murdered. I'm all paranoid about it too. I have alarms and guns. I think I watch too many crime shows though. But yes, I tried so hard to make Donovan manly. I gave him a scruffy face, strong, sharp jaw lines and some tattoos. I still don't think he looks macho but I'm beginning to think you can make macho Sims, they just do not exist.

  3. How have I not seen this story yet?? Must. Catch. Up!!!

    Love the start - great (sad) backstory and Amelia seems like a cool character. Her thoughts were perfectly clear, because that's exactly how I do them myself! Haha

    Looking forward to getting caught up!