Vampire Lore

This is a reference page for the vampires in this legacy. 

Turning: To turn a human into a vampire, a vampire must drain the human almost to the point of death and then  the human will ingest the vampire's to complete the change.Not everyone will survive being turned.

The Vampire Council: A group of very old and powerful vampires that enforce the laws they have set for their kind. Breaking any laws will result in death. 

Vampire Laws: Vampires cannot feed on humans unless it's an emergency or between lovers. They must drink from blood bags. You can only turn another human into a vampire every 100 years. This keeps the population low so humans will not discover their existence. The exception to this rule is if they find their eternal mate before the 100 year time limit is up. A vampire is only allowed to have 5 vampire children in his/her lifetime.You cannot turn someone against their will, not even your eternal mate.

Eternal Mate: Each vampire has his/her own eternal mate. Most spend their years looking for their mate to share their life with. They can be any supernatural being or human. A vampire knows when he's/she's found their mate if they cannot read or control their mind. Their bond is truly one of a kind and cannot be broken. When they bite their eternal mate, their minds merge, causing them to feel what they feel and vice versa. Their minds melt together and they become one. If a mate dies, the vampire will either, meet the sun or turn into a rouge. However, sometimes a vampire will choose to ignore this bond if he doesn't wish to find his mate. A mate is considered a weakness and a lot of vampires can't afford that. He will feel the pull to her and the need to protect her but he doesn't have to love her.

Claiming and Blooding: A vampire must have sexual intercourse with his/her mate to claim them. After he has claimed her, there is no going back from it. They are stuck with each other for eternity. Blooding also happens during their first sexual experience with their mates. Their heart will start beating again and they will breath again. Only their mate can bring them back to life. Their speed and strength almost triples after the blooding process.

Rouge: A rouge is a vampire who has gone mad with blood lust. If a vampire never finds his mate he will eventually become crazed and go on a killing spree. This also happens when a vampire loses his/her's eternal mate. Rouges are hunted and killed by a special branch of the Government called The Night Hunters and also by factions of the Lore.

The Night Hunters: A group of agents, vampire or human, that hunt down rouge vampires. They are hand selected by the Government or by the Vampire Council. They also employ scientists and a weapons specialist.This was created  mainly for humans who discovered the existence of vampires.

Death: Vampires can be killed four different ways. If a vampire is in the Sun too long he will eventually burn and die. Fire can also kill them if it's not put out quickly. Decapitation is the third way to kill them. The last and most used is a silver knife to the heart. Once the heart is stabbed you must twist the blade to shred his heart. When a vampire dies his body will revert back to it's original age. Example: If a vampire is 900 years old, when he dies his body will look like a 900 year old corpse. 

Brams: A drug created by The Night Hunter's scientists that uses small amounts of vampire blood. This drug will give a human super strength and speed matching that of a vampire's. It only lasts for 24 hours.

 Blood: A vampire's blood can heal mortal wounds if it's ingested in time.

 Abilities: Strength, speed, heals quickly, and immortal. They also have excellent hearing, sight, and smell. Reading minds, A vampire can read any being's mind unless he/she is their internal mate. Reading a vampire's mind is more difficult and takes more concentration. A vampire can also block his/her mind from being read. Controlling minds, A vampire can control humans but not vampires or their eternal mate. A human can build a strong enough mind by learning and taking in knowledge. If their mind is strong enough a vampire will not be able to control them. 

Weaknesses: Silver, if it touches their skin it will burn them and it's extremely painful. Sunlight, if they stay in the sun too long they burn and die. Fire, if a vampire is exposed to fire for too long they will die.

Appearance: Vampires have pale skin  and glowing eyes, which brighten if they are controlling someone. They have twin, long, sharp canines which they can retract on will. A vampire's teeth will uncontrollably come out if they are around blood/feeding, fighting, or in sexual situations.

Offspring: Vampire's are able to produce offspring. They can reproduce with all supernatural beings and humans.

NOTE: I'm building this as I go along, so bare with me. 
UPDATE: I've changed a few things. Sorry guys! Luckily it wasn't in the story already. Lol.