Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chapter Fourteen: The Belle Of The Ball

Emmalina wakes up and heads to the kitchen where she sees her father. She can't stand it anymore. All this snooping around for a week and nothing. She's checked their computer, listened in on their conversations and none of it explains where they went. So she decides to ask him. "Dad, when you and Mom went on your little date night, where did you guys really go?"

"What do you mean? We went where she said we did." Donovan says, clearly uncomfortable with lying to his daughter. He doesn't want to but he doesn't have a choice.

"And where was that exactly? You guys came home really late."

"We went to a concert. It lasted a long time....lots of encores."

Oh really? "Mom said you were going out to eat and to the movies."

"Well, we went to the concert after that. "

"So let me get this straight. You went out to eat, went to the theater to see a movie and THEN you went to a concert."

"Yes, and we also got ice cream when the concert was over."

Unbelievable! "You had ice cream too?"

"Yes." This is bad, this is REALLY bad. Shit.... Donovan thinks as he looks at his daughter.

"Oh I see." If I have to go through this entire damn house I will find out what their hiding. "Okay, thanks Dad. I was just wondering. I thought you guys lied to me."

"Are you ready for school?" Donovan asks changing the subject.

"Yes, I'm leaving now, don't forget I have Prom tonight, bye." Emmalina says as she goes out the door and presses the elevator button so hard she thinks it might break. Lied...AGAIN! What is so secret that they can't tell me! She walks to the bus and gets on, still so mad and a little hurt that her dad lied to her.

When Emmalina comes home from school, they have a very small birthday for Mason with just the three of them. After Mason blows out the candles he ages and everyone eats cake to celebrate.

Amelia can see that Mason is going to be quite a handful. He looks exactly like Donovan, how can he NOT be a handful, he probably acts like him too. She thinks as she watches him take his plate and sits it in the dishwasher. "Emmalina you better start getting ready, it's 4:30pm.

"Alright." Emmalina says as she heads to her room.

She does her hair, puts on her makeup and carefully slips in to her dress. She walks over to her mirror to make some last minute touch ups.

After she is sure everything is perfect she stands and stares at herself in the mirror. Wow, I look so grown up! I hate that I'm going to this alone but no one asked me. Maybe I should have asked that Brandon guy to take me. It was better then no one. Though, come to think of it I haven't heard from him at all since that night. Oh well, it's probably for the best, he was a little touchy and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that or I? Should I be? My God, a virgin, going to her prom....alone. What a surprise. She scowls at herself for thinking being a virgin is a bad thing. I don't have to worry about being a teen mother. But I'm also not....
She hears a knock at the door and it interrupts her thoughts. "Come in." She says.

"Emmalina, I just wanted to tell you, I'm.......Oh wow! You look absolutely beautiful!"

"Thank you."

"Is your date picking you up here?"

"I don't have one."

"Your father will be happy to hear that." Amelia says as she laughs.

"What did you want to tell me?" Emmalina asks.

"Oh right, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about the concert we went to a few nights ago. It was a last minute decision and your father and I figured you would be okay with Mason if we stayed out a little later than usually."

"Yeah, Mom. Whatever, I don't care. I was just wondering why you came home so late and Dad filled me in." Lies, Lies, Lies.

"Alright, I just wanted to make sure you understood. I'll let you finish getting ready." Amelia says quietly as she closes the door. She feel so guilty about this but it's for the best. She can't imagine Emmaline fighting vampires. She's too fragile, too innocent. She wouldn't survive long.

Emmalina watches her mother leave and puts on her shoes. She makes one last check in the mirror and walks out the room to see her father waiting by her door. He stops and stares at her. "Dad? Is everything alright?" she asks.

"No....yes. Yes, everything is fine. You look absolutely gorgeous. Is uhhh....your date coming up to meet us first?"

"I don't have a date, I'm going alone."

Thank goodness "Oh I'm sorry. I'm sure you will still have a nice time."

"No you're not." Emmalina laughs. "I'm surprised you're even letting me go!"

"Your mother made me. If I didn't, I'd never hear the end of it....from either of you. Come here."
He says as he brings her in for a hug.

"Dad! You're going to mess up my hair!"

He lets her go quickly. "I'm sorry! It still looks the same." He lightly touches it. "Jesus, Emmalina what did you put on it? It's as hard as a rock?"

Emmalina bursts out laughing. Men, I swear, they know nothing. "It's called hair spray. You know, comes in a can. Makes your hair stay where you want it. Mom uses it."

"Oh yes, of course. You must have used a whole can!"

"Almost. I need to go, I'll be late if I don't leave now."

"Alright, have fun. Well, not TOO much fun okay?"

"Okay. Bye."

"Bye, I love you."

"Love ya too Dad."

Emmalina walks out the door and rides the elevator down to the ground floor. She decides to walk the short distant to school instead of taking a taxi. She heads towards the sidewalk and breaths in the cool night air. "Lovely." she says out loud. She can see the school when she gets this funny feeling that someone is watching her. She turns around and scans the streets but sees no one. Well that's weird. I guess I'm just being paranoid. She takes one last quick look around and heads into the Gym where the prom is being held.

Back at home, Donovan and Mason sit down to eat dinner while Amelia is in the tub. "So are you ready for school tomorrow?" Donovan asks.


"Are you excited?"


"Are you going to make new friends?"


"Is that all you know how to say?"


Donovan laughs at his son. "You're going to a handful aren't you?"

Mason just smiles at him. A knowing little smile.

Donovan shakes his head. "Don't even say it..I know, I know.. Yep."

"Dad, will you sign me up for Boy Scouts?"

"It's a miracle! A full sentence."

"Haha, very funny. I'm serious. I'd like to go camping and learn how to fish. Will you?"

"Yes, I will. I'll tell you what, if you get an A on your first report card, You and I will go camping on the beach and fish the entire weekend. We'll leave the girls at home. How does that sound?"

Mason jumps up and down. "Really!? You promise? No girls allowed?"

Donovan smiles and says, "No girls allowed. No go brush your teeth and get into bed. You Mom will be there in a second to read you a story."

Mason gives his Dad a hug goodnight and heads off to the bathroom.

After Mason has brushed his teeth, he hops in bed and Amelia goes into his room with a book in her hand. She reads him a story as he gently drifts to sleep. She kisses his forehead, turns out the light and walks out the room. She hears the door open and slam and looks to see Emmalina storming through the house. "Emmalina, what's wrong? Did something happen? Are you okay?"

"Prom was horrible. We had a dance competition and I actually won but the most popular girl in school was mad that she didn't get first place and we got into a fight! Then I asked a guy I know who came with Shanta if he wanted to dance and he completely ignored me. Like I was invisible. Ugh! Why are boys so complicated!? One minute they act like you're the most amazing thing ever and then the next they completely ignore you!"

Amelia hugs Emmalina. "I'm sorry you had a horrible time. As for boys, I like to think they grow out of that phase but they don't. Maybe this boy didn't want to hurt Shanta's feelings by dancing with you? Did you think of that?"

"No, but still. She wouldn't have minded since I came alone." Emmalina sighs, "Whatever, I don't even care. I'll be graduating soon and I'll never have to step foot in that horrible place again! I'm going to bed." She stomps off to her room and slams the door.

Donovan goes to find Amelia to find out what all the noise is about. "What's going on? Did something happen?"

"No, just our daughter being a teenager. Come on, let's go to bed." They head to their bedroom and fall asleep when Emmalina finally stops slamming things in her room.

Donovan and Amelia get up early and head to the kitchen to start breakfast. They start discussing some things as they mix the ingredients for pancake batter.

Emmalina wakes up and puts on her clothes. She feels better after she has had a good night's sleep. This is your last year! A few more months and you're done with all those people! She heads down the hall and just before she gets to the kitchen she hears her parents almost whispering. Then she hears her name and stops dead at the corner of the hall and kitchen. She strains to hear what they are talking about.

"....not stupid Donovan. She knows something is up."

"I know she does, but we aren't telling her."

"I'm not saying we should be we need to be a little more careful with our lies." I KNEW IT! Come on, say what it is...come on Mom. Say what it is that you don't want me to know.

"Amelia, how do you think she would react? She would be terrified to ever go outside at night again. How did you feel when Romeo told you about vampires?" Vampires? Are they drunk?

"I was a little first. But I had already seen so much. I saw my parents covered in blood, Donovan." Oh my God! What? Is that why we never see our Grandparents? They're all dead?

"Exactly. Emmalina hasn't been through anything like that, thank God. Knowing about vampires is dangerous. It's like, they know you know about them so they come out of the woodwork just to screw with you. Ugh, I don't know why we can't just wipe them all out. It's not like they contribute anything!"

Emmalina almost want to burst out laughing at this absurd conversation. Is this a joke?

"I know. But we can't. We'd be hunted down, our kids would be hunted. If we only kill the rogues they almost think we are doing them a favor from having to deal with them. They aren't all bad though. I liked William, he was nice." This isn't sounding like a joke.

"I know you're right. I can't even imagine if something happened to Emmalina or Mason. I just...can't."

"Me either. But if we are going to keep them safe by not telling them about vampires and what we do then you're going to have to come up with something better than a concert and ice cream for God's sake!"

"I know. She kind of blindsided me. It was the first thing that popped inside my hind. Amelia, I hate lying to her. I could almost feel the disappointment when I told her that." They were trying to protect me? I almost feel bad....almost.

"I do too. But we don't have any other choice."

Donovan sighs, "This is like being between a rock and hard place. Has Romeo called to tell us when The Night Hunters are meeting again?"

"No. I tried to asked Bianca at work the other day but she is completely ignoring me. As soon as I walked in she almost broke her neck trying to leave the room. I don't know what I did to offend her so much."

"Hmmm, that is weird. Well the kids will be up soon, we need to get these pancakes finished."

She listens to make sure her parents are finished and quietly tip toes back to her room.

When Emmalina reaches her room she quickly slips inside, shuts the door and locks it. She walks over to her computer chair and plops down in it, trying to make sense of what she just heard. Vampires, rogues, Night Hunters. What the hell are my parents involved in!? Vampires are real!? How is that even possible? I've never really thought about them. Only what I've seen in movies. What are rogues? Hmm, whatever they are they sounded bad! Night Hunters....people who hunt at night? No, that's retarded, why would people hunt at night. Wait, vampires can't walk in the sunlight. Right? That's what the movies all say. So people have to hunt vampires at night....duh. My parents are a part of So they have been hunting vampires! Oh my God. How did they get mixed up in all this! What else do I know about vampires? Wooden stakes! You kill them with wooden stakes. I wonder where you can buy those from? What else....

She looks at her computer and turns it on. She pulls up a search engine and types in Vampires. Thousands of pages come up. This is going to take forever! But it's kind of fun investigating. I like it! She clicks on link after link. Scheming through each page. She sees one in particular seven pages into her search. It's titled "Plasma 501, official vampire club of Bridgeport. Come party with the dead." Wait, that's the club Shanta took me too. I didn't see any vampires. I don't think I did anyways. How can you tell? Fangs? Yeah...probably fangs. No one had those. She clicks on the link and reads the page. She sees something that talks about costumes and loses hope. I don't want fake vampires! I need real ones. Wait do I? If that's the only way to get answers then so be it. She reads the comments on the Plasma 501 page. People are claiming that REAL vampires go to this club. Hmmm, it's worth a shot. What do I have to lose? I think it's time to make another appearance at Plasma 501.


Firstly, Emmalina really did have a horrible time at prom in my game, she got into a fight, her "crush" wouldn't dance with her. Poor girl. And yes, that was Sebastian that was watching her, in case someone missed it. (I actually forgot about him in these scenes, that's why there isn't any photos. Sorry!) Also I think Emmalina is a lot braver than people give her credit for. She is very innocent and sweet but I think she has a whole other side to herself that she hasn't found yet. So next chapter we will be back at Plasma 501!


  1. Ooooh. I hope Emmalina's plan doesn't backfire on her horribly. (Plasma 501? Does this mean we get to see Sebastian the sexy again? : D )

    Amelia's comment on Bianca made me laugh. Just such an awesome mental image.

    By the way, I love how she looked for prom. So beautiful!

    1. Yes. Sebastian...patiently waiting for Emmalina to grow the hell up! I know how he feels. Lol.

      I know right? I can totally see Bianca running around about break the heel off her shoe trying to escape Amelia.

  2. The plot thickens.....I feel bad for her parents when she confronts them, handled the wrong way and it will blow up in their faces.

    1. Exactly. They have a very curious, determined daughter.

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    1. Thank you! You have no idea how ready I am for her to age. UGH, it's killing me.

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    1. Thank you!

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  6. I'm not scared for Emmalina tbh, I know Sebastian is watching over her! He wouldn't let anything happen to his mate!

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    Seriously, if my daughter shows up in a dress for a prom (we don't have proms, so less to worry about) with a cleavage that low!!

    1. Me either and you're right, he would. So she can go where ever she wants and she'd be the safest person there.

      Thank you! I try so hard to make everything believable.

      I know! I didn't really notice it until after I was looking at the pictures. Donovan must not have noticed either because he would have never let her out of the house in that. Lol.

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