Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chapter Eleven: Not Without Me

A week later, Emmalina has brought a new friend home from school named Shanta. They sit down to do their homework. Shanta turns to ask, "Are you going to invited that boy with the weird eyes to your birthday party this weekend?"

"What boy?"

"The only one in class who has eyes that light up, Emmalina."

"Oh! I guess so, my mom told me to invited everyone in my class."

"Okay good. I think he's cute!"

"Ugh, Shanta don't you know anything? Boys will give you cooties!"

"I think I can live with cooties."

Emmalina thinks for a minute. "Hey, why DOES his eyes glow like that?"

"I asked him. He said he had a genetic disorder, what ever that means but I think he was lying."

"It means something is wrong with him....I think. Why would he lie about that?"

"I don't know. Maybe I should ask him."

"Maybe we shouldn't. He obviously lied because he doesn't want to tell us the truth."

"So? I want to know the truth. Isn't it bad to lie anyways?"

"Like that's ever stopped you." Emmalina says as she laughs.

"That's true."

By the time both girls finally finish their homework, Shanta has to head home for dinner.

Emmalina decides to play dress up before her dinner. She digs through her costume box and pulls out a pink dinosaur costume. She put on the costume and let's her imagination take her over. "RAWWWRRRRR" she yells as she stomps around her around. "I'm gonna eat all of you and step on all your buildings. RAAWWWRRR!!"

"Emmalina it's time for dinner. Come eat!" Amelia yells for the kitchen.

"Coming!" Emmalina says as she puts a few toys away and heads to the kitchen.

They all sit down at bar to eat the spaghetti Amelia has made for them. Emmalina, still in character, pretends to eat her's like a dinosaur. "Om nom nom nom" she says as she eats.

"How was school today?" Donovan asks laughing at his daughter.

"Good. We learned about fractions today."

"Did you and Shanta get your homework done?"


They all finish eating and Amelia puts the dishes into the dishwasher. "Alright Emmalina, it's time for a bath and bed." Amelia says as she closes the dishwasher.

"But Mom, can't I stay up just a little bit longer?"

"Nope. By the time you finish your bath it will already be past your bedtime."

Emmalina turns to look at her father. "Daddy, can't I just stay up 30 minutes more?"

He turns to look at Amelia, "It's only 30 minutes. She could just...." Amelia sends him a glare, shutting him up. "I'm sorry Emmalina, you can't. Go ahead and take a quick bath and get into bed before we both get into trouble."

"Ughhhh! Alright." She stomps off to the bathroom.

"Donovan are you ever going to tell her no?"

"I tell her no....sometimes."

Amelia scoffs. "When?"

Donovan thinks for several minutes, struggling to come up with something.

"That's exactly my point."

"I have told her no before. Remember when she wanted that tree house? I told her no then. See, I can do it."

Amelia shakes her head, "We both know you told her no because one, there isn't even a tree big enough at this apartment complex and two, you were scared she would fall off and break something."

"Doesn't matter, I still told her no."

"You're impossible sometimes. Do you know that?"

Donovan gets up and wraps his arms around her and kisses her on the cheek. "But you love me anyways."

She laughs, she can't help it. He's right, she does love him. Then why are you lying to him. She stops smiling and straightens up, making a decision she should have made days ago. "I'll check to see if Emmalina is in bed. Wait for me on the couch. I need to talk to you about something." She walks away to find Emmalina in the bed, fast asleep. She quickly pops in to the nursery to make sure Mason is asleep too.

When Amelia walks back down the hall she finds Donovan waiting at the end. She grabs his hand and leads him over to the couch. "Sit down."

"That bad huh?"

Amelia sits there quietly for a minute, trying to figure out how to word it. "Romeo came over last week to fill me in on some news. I can't remember if I told you but Romeo has been having a touch time with the team. Bianca and I have been out on maternity leave, Renee still refuses to come back and Vlad shows up when he wants too. The only one he really had was William, who was also a vampire. Last weekend, Romeo, William and Vlad went out to search for two rouges they've been trying to catch. When they found them is was a trap and there were really five rouges and.....William didn't make it."

"So you're telling me that a VAMPIRE was killed hunting on the team?"


"How did Romeo take it when you told him you were quitting?"

"I didn't tell him, because I'm not quitting."

"Unbelievable, Amelia! Vampires are dying doing this job. You're only human, which makes you an easier target. No, absolutely not, you're not going back."

Amelia was starting to become a little pissed off.....okay maybe more than a little, "You can't control me Donovan! I'm an adult and I can do what I want. I want to do this. I AM doing this!"

"What about our kids? How are they going to feel when I have to tell them their mother is gone and she's not coming back?"

"That's not fair Donovan. I love Emmalina and Mason with everything I have, you too for that matter. This keeps the city safe for them and I can't change how I feel. I can't change the need I have to do this. Since Reuben took me I've been looking over my shoulder ever since then. I want my security back dammit." Amelia says as she starts to tear up.

Donovan starts to feel guilty now. He blames himself for her feeling this way. This is all my fault. I should have been more careful. I should have protected her better. I can't blame her for wanting this. There is one thing I can change though.

He puts his arm around her and pulls her closer into his arms. "If you're doing this then I'm doing it with you."

"What?" she asks in surprise. She was expecting more arguing.

"This is our only option. Amelia I understand why you want this, I do. It's the same reason I joined all those years ago and you know why I want you to quit, your safety. So If I join, we will both get what we want."

"You would do that? Join the team again?"

"Of course I would. I actually like the idea more and more now that I think about it. I'll be there to keep you safe if things go bad. I'm not saying you can't handle things on your own, after training you'll be one of the best but just know that I'll be there and I'll die before I let anything happen to you."

Amelia leans in and kisses him. A long, slow, sweet kiss. "Thank you for doing this. Thank you for believing in me."

"You're welcome. I guess I'll call Romeo over tomorrow so we can discuss the details. Let's go to bed."

The next morning after Emmalina has gone to school, Donovan calls Romeo to come over. When Romeo arrives he says, "What's this about Donovan? I'm missing work for this so it better be good."

"I want back on The Night Hunters."

"This IS good! Why did you change your mind?"

"Amelia told me about the vampire that died. I didn't want her on the team anymore. But after we talked I decided this was the best compromise we could both be happy with."

Romeo gets a look of worry in his eyes. "You're coming back for the wrong reasons, Donovan. You just want to keep your wife safe. If I didn't need new members so badly I'd tell you no. But I can't afford to turn anyone down right now."

"Then I guess it's my lucky day. But just because I want to be there to make sure Amelia is safe doesn't mean I won't look out for the rest of you either. I know the job and you're right. You can't turn me down, not with all the experience I have."

"Okay, but you'll have to retrain again. We all are. With what happened to William we can't take the chance of being careless anymore. I also have one other recruit from the military. A newbie named Basil Jackson. So we will all train together. Just whenever Amelia comes back, come with her."

"Alright." They shake hands and Romeo leaves to go back to work.

The weekend has arrived and it's time for both Emmalina's and Mason's birthdays! For Mason they have a small party with just the family. Later tonight is Emmalina's party and Amelia doesn't think everyone needs to eat so much cake so she decides not to get Mason one. Mason starts crawling around, exploring his new surroundings and heads towards his room with Donovan following behind him.

Donovan picks him up when they get into the nursery. Mason looks exactly like him. He's pretty happy about that.

Donovan plays with Mason before they have to set up for Emmalina's party. "Oh no Mason! Look! The claw is coming to get you. Rawwrr!" Donovan says as "the claw" tickles Mason. Both of them laugh and continue to have some nice father-son time.

As Emmalina's party begins to start, guests start coming in. There is one guest in particular that Donovan has noticed. There is no way he could miss those glowing, golden eyes. He leans over to whisper in Amelia's ear. "What the hell is a vampire doing here?"

Amelia looks around in alarm and searches the room. She doesn't see any vampires. "Where? I don't see any."

"The child in the kitchen Amelia."

"Child?" She looks towards the kitchen and sees who he is taking about. She can't believe she missed him the first time, apparently her vision wasn't low enough. "Oh my God, do you think Emmalina knows what he is? Is he dangerous? Should I call in Romeo or someone?"

"I don't know. But I think we are okay for now. Vampire children, in my experience, don't have powers and they can walk in the sun. They don't get their powers until they are finished maturing. Once they hit their last growth spurt though, they're normal vampires. Besides, obviously he's not a rouge, that makes a little difference.....barely."

Amelia looks at the child, now a little sad. "It must be hard to be able to play and run in the sunlight and then when you're an adult it's ripped away from you."

Donovan and Amelia are distracted from their conversation when Emmalina comes up to them. "Can I pleeeeaaassee blow out my candles now?"

Donovan looks down at his daughter and smiles. "Sure."

They all walk into the kitchen and Emmalina blows out her candles as everyone cheers her own. Her parents can't believe how quickly she is growing up. When she ages into a teenager, it's a bittersweet moment for them.

Emmalina turns out to be a beautiful young lady. Amelia laughs as she says to Donovan, "You're going to have a hard time with boyfriends aren't you?"

"Boyfriends?" he asks in surprise. "What boyfriends?"

"Donovan, look at her. Boys will be lining up the block."

"Not this block they won't be."

"You have to let her grow up. She will always be our little girl but we have to let her spread her wings."

"I know, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I don't like the fact that one day a man could just sweep in and take her away from me."

"He won't take her away from you. She'll still love you the same, you're her father, she'll always love you."

"I know you're right. But I will say this, if he ever hurts her or treats her like anything other than a princess.....I have guns and I will use them."

Amelia nervously laughs at Donovan threats, not sure if he's kidding or not.

After the party is over, Emmalina helps Amelia clean up. When Emmalina and Mason are both in bed, she makes a quick call to Romeo and then she climbs in to bed where Donovan is waiting. "I just got off the phone with Romeo. We start training next week."

"Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Oh I am most definitely ready to kick some ass."


OMG you guys Emmalina is gorgeous! I'm so glad I picked her to be the heir. But poor Emmalina, who knows if Donovan will even let her date! Lol. Mason....awe! <3 I put the same hair as Donovan's on Mason in CAS and they look so much alike! Finally next chapter we will see some action and you guys will get to see the new Vlad. He looked way better as a human than he does a vampire but oh well. Hopefully everyone will still love him. =]


  1. I know I already told you this but WOW. Emmalina is GORGEOUS. I love her. She's soooo pretty. So is Mason and I can still call him pretty because he's still little <3.

    I'm curious about this little vampire boy and where he came from. But yeah, can't wait for the return of the action! (And Vlad! <3)

  2. I know! Ugh, I'm almost jealous of her gorgeousness! Ahaha.

    Me too actually because I was inviting every kid Emmalina knew, not really paying attention and when he showed up I was like, "Oh shit." Then I noticed he was in all of Emmalina's birthday shots so I had to include him in the story. No way Donovan wouldn't have noticed him.

  3. I'm glad Amelia opened up and told Donovan.
    Emmalina is gorgeous, and Mason is very cute, too.
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    I love donovan for going back into the team! I can't wait to see them both in action! :D

    The boy makes for a nice story line though ;) even if it wasn't on purpose hihi :)

  5. yang and Klev! Thank you!

    Klev, my husband does the same thing with our daughter. He once told me, "I have a gun and your Dad has a lot of land to bury the body." I was like, O_O So I got that inspiration from him. Apparently it must be a daddy thing who has little girls.

  6. Emmalina is ever so gorgeous! I hope Donovan can cope with her getting interested in boys (or girls if she's that way inclined) now she's a teen...

  7. I know...poor Emmalina. If Donovan doesn't lighten up the poor girl will have no social life.

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