Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chapter Thirteen: The Warrior

Emmalina woke up early and grabbed some left over waffles out of the fridge. She sat there mindlessly eating, consumed by her thoughts. They came home really late. No movie in the world lasts that long, Mom definitely lied to me. Ugh, why would she do that? I'm her daughter for crying out loud, you don't lie to your child. Obviously whatever it is they were doing, they didn't want me to find out about. Well, I hate to break it to them but I WILL find out what they're up to. I'll just have to be sneaky about it. Emmalina got up and put her plate in the dishwasher. As she got ready for school she tried to think of ways to figure out what her parents were hiding from her. She heard the school bus honk the horn and grabbed her books and headed out the door.

After school, she did her homework. At dinner she hardly spoke to her parents. She was still a little angry that they lied to her. After everyone went to sleep, she sat up reading one of her text books, trying to study a little more before her Physics test tomorrow. Her phone suddenly started ringing and she dashed to the end table to grab it before it woke her parents up. "Hello?" she whispered.

"Are your parents asleep?" Shanta asked.

"Yes, why?"

"Meet me downstairs."

"Why? What are you doing at my apartment complex?" She glanced at the alarm clock on the table. "Shanta it's midnight! You're going to get into trouble."

"Girl, just get your ass down here!"

"Fine, but if I get into trouble for this, I'm blaming you." Emmalina hung up and quietly sneaked out to meet Shanta outside.

When Emmalina went out the apartment complex's doors she saw Shanta waiting around the corner and walked over to her. "What the hell is this about? Why are you so dressed up?"

"We, my goody two shoes friend, are going to Plasma 501."

"I'm not a good two shoes!" Emmalina tried to defend herself. "What is Plasma 501? It sounds gross."

"It's a club. It has this dark, edgy feel to it and they have people dressed as vampires there. It's really cool and you're coming with me. Plus a friend of mine is meeting us there. I think you two would hit it off. His name is Brandon."

"Are you crazy? My parents would KILL me. No way, Shanta. I'm not going."

"Not a goody two shoes, eh?"

Emmalina thought for a second. Well, I guess if my parents can lie and sneak off to God knows where then maybe I can too. Plus do I want everyone at school to think I'm a coward and only does what Mommy and Daddy says?

"Emmalina come on, when have you ever done anything fun and dangerous in your life? Never. You need to have some fun before we graduate and have to live nine to five like our parents. What do you say?"

"Alright, fine. Count me in."

Sebastian the Fierce sat on a couch at Plasma 501, looking around at the club goers as he waited for his friend to show up. Most of the people here were human, dancing and grinding against each other. Sebastian sighed as he realized all these humans would be dead in less than a hundred years, yet he would continue living. His body forever frozen since the 15th century. As he continues to watch he blocks the thoughts coming from the dancers and becomes lost in his own. I grow weary of this. These humans have so much life in them as they should. They haven't seen the wars I've seen. Nor the death and destruction their kind can bring. They marry, have children, grow old and die. They have purpose. What is my purpose now? All I know is war, yet there are no wars being fought. What is the point in living forever if you've done and seen it all? His thoughts are interpreted as two young female humans walk into the club. One in particular catches his eye. He's not sure what it is about her but she's.....different. She's young and almost has this innocent quality to her, which makes him smile. He watches her as the other girl leads her over to a young male and introduces the two. He listens to their conversation.

"Emmalina, this is my friend Brandon. Brandon this is Emmalina." Shanta says. The two of the shake hands. "I'm going up to the bar to get a drink, hopefully this fake ID will fool the bartender." Shanta says as she leaves them and heads to the bar.

"So how to you know Shanta?" Emmalina asks, trying to make conversation.

"Our parents are close friends. She is one of the only friends I have since I'm home schooled."

"How do like being home schooled?"

"It's alright. I do all my classwork in my pj's. But I don't get to meet pretty girls like you, that's the only downside."

Emmalina blushes. "I don't think I would like it. You won't get to go to Prom or football games. It must be lonely."

"It is but now that I've gotten older, I've been hanging around town and I've met a lot of people, most of them are older though."

"Well that's good." Emmalina looks down at feet, not really sure what to say.

"Hey, do you want to dance?" he asks. She eagerly accepts and they move to the dance floor.

They move to the music and Brandon gets a little closer with each song. He keeps trying to grab her waist and puts his hands a little bit to low and it's making her uncomfortable. "I'm going to go up to the bar and find Shanta okay?" she says, trying to give herself a little space from him. He's a nice enough guy but a little too touchy.

"Alright, hurry back though." he says as he give her a smile.

While the humans were having their conversation, Sebastian tried so hard to read her mind. He poured all of his concentration and focused just on her, blocking everyone out and still nothing. Sebastian is livid as he listens to the young male's thoughts as they dance. The things he is thinking about this female, MY female. Sebastian wanted to walk over there and rip his head off so bad he couldn't stand it. He watches as Emmalina excuses herself and heads up stairs, away from the human male. Thank God. I could not take much more of that. He decides to intervene before someone has to mop up blood. He walks up to the boy and says, "Leave."

"What? Leave? I don't think so buddy. Did you see the girl I was dancing with? No way in hell."

Sebastian slips into the boys mind to control him. "You will leave. You will never talk to Emmalina again. Do not see her, do not even think about her. If you do, it will be the last thing you ever do."

Brandon stares mindlessly at him. "Okay." he says in a trance. Sebastian watches him head straight for the elevator and disappear inside as the doors close.

Emmalina starts to head down the stairs, thankful that Shanta is ready to go because she REALLY needs to get home before her parents wake up and find her missing. She heads back to the dance floor to find Brandon to say goodbye but instead there is someone else standing there. His back is turned to her so she walks up and says, "Excuse me, have you...." When he turns around she abruptly stops talking. Holy.....his eyes! She can't help but stare at the silver pools of light. Wasn't that the same kind of eyes that boy had? The one Shanta said was lying about having a genetic disorder? Ugh, it's been so long ago I almost forgot about it. His eyes however I don't think I'll ever forget, they're beautiful.

Sebastian again tries to read her mind, curious to know what she thinks of him. Nothing, not a sound. completely shut off to him. Definitely my eternal mate then. There, I have admitted it to myself but I can not tell her. She is not ready, too young.

Emmalina clears her throat and he waits for her to speak. "I'm sorry, it's just your...I was startled. Did you by any chance see the boy I was dancing with?"

"He left." Sebastian replies, smiling to himself.

"Oh. Did he seem upset about something? I don't know why he would just leave."

"He did not seem upset. But you should leave as well. It is not safe to be out so late at night."

Emmalina stares at this stranger, he sounds almost concerned about her safety. "I was just leaving actually." Shanta comes up to her. Sebastian reads her thoughts to make sure they are going straight home. They are and apparently she approves of his looks and body. Her thoughts are quiet adult for such a young girl.

"Alright, I'm ready. Who's your friend Emmalina?"

"Oh, I don't know. It seems Brandon has left and I was just asking this man if he knew where he went. He's already went home."

"Bastard, probably scared he's going to get grounded by his Mom."

Emmalina turns back to the man and thanks him for the information. She grabs Shanta, who is still starring. "Come on Shanta, we have to get home."

Sebastian watches them leave. He's so confused and doesn't really know how this is supposed to work. He sighs as he heads to the bar to wait for his, now late, friend. He sits down and orders a drink.

As he is finishing his third drink he sees Beau walking towards him and stands up. Beau offers his hand and Sebastian shakes it as he says, "Old friend, it is good to see you. How have you been?"

"Exceptionally well. I apologize for my tardiness. How have you been these past 60 years?"

"I'm still here so I guess I can not complain much. Tell my why you have asked me to come back to Bridgeport."

"Actually Sebastien, I would like you to meet my eternal mate."

Sebastian smiles, happy for his friend who doesn't have to be alone any longer.

Sebastian watches as Beau gestures towards a blonde female. "Sebastian this is my mate, Bianca."

"Nice to meet you." Bianca says to Sebastian as he offers his hand and she shakes it.

"Likewise. I am pleased that Beau has found you." Sebastian turns to Beau. "It is funny you brought me here to meet your mate when I have just found mine waiting on you."

"Are you serious?! Congratulations. I will tell you that you have your work cut out for you if she is anything like Bianca. She was not easy to convince." He says as he smiles at Bianca.

"I do not know much about her. Only her name is Emmalina and she is very young."

Bianca's face pales beside him. "Emmalina you said? Dark hair, big blue eyes?

"Yes. You know her?"

"Awww shit." She turns to Beau. "Do you remember when I was telling you about the members of the team and how some of them really had a grudge against all vampires?"

"Yes, what does that have to do with his mate?" Beau asks.

"Donovan and Amelia Burkhart are on that list. Their daughter is Emmalina." Bianca sends Beau a worrying glance. "If you think I was hard to win over, you've seen nothing yet. Emmalina is very close with her parents, especially her Father. No way in hell would he ever allow his daughter to be with a vampire. He'll try to kill Sebastian before he even gets a chance."

"A human? Kill me? How is that even possible?" Sebastian asks in disbelief.

"We are all on a team called The Night Hunters. We hunt down and kill rouges in the city that are killing innocent people. We have this special....medicine that we take that gives us the speed and strength of a vampire. It also helps protect our bodies from injuries. Don't underestimate her father. He is trained and has a hatred for vampires. He will kill you if he gets the chance."

"This is very troubling. How are you to win your mate if you can not get close to her?" Beau asks.

Sebastian shakes his head. "This eternal mate business is too much. It may very well be the death of me."

"Sebastian do not lose hope. It is worth it. Especially when you fall in love with her. She is your gift for living with this cursed life."

He is right. I can not live like this anymore. I fear I will go mad. "Alright, but I can not be with her now. She is too young. What am I to do?"

"Watch her. Make sure she comes to no harm before you can claim her. As for her father...perhaps if you can get her to accept what you are, maybe she can be the one to convince him not to kill you." Beau says.

"Beau is right, if anyone can change Donovan's mind, it's his little girl. He would never intentionally hurt her."

Sebastian runs his hand across his face. "Alright, I will do as you say. Thank you both for your advice. I need to go home and feed but I will see you both later at some point since I will be staying in town it seems."

"Alright." Beau says as he pats Sebastian on the back. "I will be seeing you around then."

Sebastian tells them bye and heads toward the stairs. He glances back at his friend with his mate. I wonder if I would have that with mine? Or will I die before I even get the chance? No, I've waited too long to let anyone stand in my way. He thinks as he heads out of the club to go home.


No wonder why Bianca has been so distant lately, she is the eternal mate of Beau! Thank you SP. =] So how do you guys like Sebastian, I personally love him. He's a lone warrior trying to find a purpose to his life....I think he just found it. =D


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