Friday, February 3, 2012

Chapter Twelve: Vampire Fight Club

The time has come for Amelia to start training again. Romeo called this morning telling her and Donovan to meet them in the training room under the city just after dark. Amelia walks into Emmalina's room to tell her they're going out. "I need you to watch Mason tonight."

"Ugh, alright. Where are you and Dad going?"

"We are just going out to eat and to a late movie, so we will probably be home really late. I've already given Mason his bottle but he still needs a bath. Can you do that for me?"

"Yes. "

"Alright, thank you. Lock the doors when we leave and don't open them for anyone."

"I know Mom. I'm not a child, geez." Emmalina says as she rolls her eyes.

"Stop with the attitude Emmalina."

"Alright, alright. Sorry."

Amelia leaves to go into her own room and packs her a set of clothes for her and Donovan to change into. They tell the kids bye and head out the door.

After Emmalina gives Mason a bath, she takes him into the nursery where he can keep himself entertained until it's time for bed. When she puts him down and watches him play she starts to think. Why did Mom have that bag? What would they need a duffel bag for if they are just going out to eat and to the movies? Why did she look uncomfortable when she was telling me that? Why would she lie? Emmalina continues thinking and starts to get curiouser and curiouser. Some how, she's going to get to the bottom of this.

When Amelia and Donovan arrive in the tunnels, they change quickly, each popped a Brams and walked in to the training room. Amelia takes in everyone already there and notices two new people. No wait, is that.....? "Vlad?" She asks as she approaches him."


"Did you forget to get your hair cut?"

"Well I..."

"Are those new clothes?"

"No, there..."

"Trying to impress someone?"

"Enough questions woman! Why are you all so nosy? That is one of the few things that has not changed over the centuries."

"Well, excuse me Mr. Sensitive. I was just curious."

"Mr. Sensitive?" He let his fangs extend and growled at her.

Amelia almost took a step back. This was the first time she'd seen fangs since her kidnapping. She recovered quickly and took a step forward instead. Donovan started toward her but Romeo stopped him, "You have to let her do this on her own Donovan. You can't hold her hand." Donovan reluctantly agreeds and backs off.

Amelia looked him right in the eyes determined to overcome her fear. "I'm not afraid of you."

"Only because I have not given you a reason to be. Now are you ready to train or shall I go make some tea?"

Son of bitch is patronizing me. She thought, not caring if he read her mind or not.

She took a fighting stance in answer to his question. She punched forward but he quickly grabbed her arm and swung back, hitting her in the shoulder. MotherFu.... "Ow! That hurt." She said rubbing her shoulder. Without Brams it would have easily shattered her shoulder bone.

"I am sorry, do you want me to stop and wait for you to get a band aid? I am sure the rouges would show this kindness as well." He said sarcastically.

THAT IS IT!! She thought and raised her leg and kicked him in the chest as hard as she could with the strength she now possessed. Vlad went sprawling back from the force. When he got up he looked at her and said, "Now that was impressive. That is what we need to see from you if you hope to survive this battle. Perhaps I should tag along by your side, making you angry so you will always fight this way." He stopped and thought for a minute. Time to push some buttons. He said quietly so that no else could hear except Amelia. "Or maybe that was just a lucky strike. I mean you did let...What was that little fellow's name? Reuben? You let him take you from your home. Did you even fight back? Or were you too afraid? Did you even try or did you just let him drag you off? Poor, weak, scared Amelia.

Amelia lost it. She let every bit of her angry bubble towards the surface and charged at him, knocking them both to the ground. She struggled to stay on top and her anger was like fuel to a fire. She punched everywhere she could land a fist. "You heartless blood sucking leech!" she yelled as she continued to strike him. He let her do it. One, this was what he was hoping for. Two, even he knew he deserved it, and three, feeling pain was the only way to tell if he was alive anymore....more or less. After she exhausted herself she rolled off of him and laid on the floor. Vlad stood up and brushed off his clothes and held out his hand to Amelia to help her up. She looked at it like it was a venomous snake and got up on her own.

"Why did you do that? Why would you bring that up again after I've tried so hard to cover it up?" She said so angry with him, tears were threatening to pour out of her eyes.

Lord is there anything worse than a crying woman? I could not stand it when I was human and I cannot stand it now. It makes me feel like the scrum of the earth. "Because you will need that anger. But you need to learn when to use it. You can not run around the city furiously killing rouges. Learn to use it when it is the correct time. The element of surprise is your dearest weapon. I did not mean to make you weep but you need to learn these lessons. How else are you supposed to live?

She understood why he did it but it still didn't make it any easier. "I still think you're a heartless bastard and I'm not crying because you hurt my feelings if that's what you're thinking." She said trying to compose herself and trying to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"I was not thinking that. But please, do stop with the tears. They are....making me uncomfortable.

Amelia laughs at the fact that Vlad the Impaler is "uncomfortable" with something as simple as tears.

Across the room Romeo wants to cry his own tears....of frustration. "Jesus Christ man, what the hell did you do in the military? Clean toilets?"

"No Sir. I was a Major." Basil replied, a little annoyed. He couldn't get the hang of his new strength and speed the Brams gave him. He knew he was all over the place but he expected a little break for his first training session. "I'm having trouble with that pill you gave me."

"Some people have to get use to it. You need to just take a breath and try not to over do it."

"That's a little hard to do now that I'm pretty sure I can lift a train!"

They both take their stances and start. Basil whips his arm around a little too fast and the force of it spins his entire body. "Damn this all to hell!"

Vlad shakes his head at this Basil person. No hope for that one. Romeo is on his own. Vlad now turns his attention to Donovan. They face each other and silently get into position. Vlad charges forward, carefully watching for kicks just in case this one is like his wife. As Vlad goes in for a punch to the stomach, Donovan squeezes his stomach muscles, absorbing the force of the blow and lands a cheap shot, hitting Vlad in the face. I like this human, he fights dirty. He would have made a great soldier in my day. They circle each other and Donovan tries to kick Vlad's feet from under him but isn't quick enough and instead Vlad has the upper hand and uses his foot to push down on Donovan's chest. Vlad lets him up and they go at it again. After several more rounds with everyone, they all start to improve, even Basil who seems to have finally gotten use to the speed and strength.

Donovan and Basil head to shower and change clothes while Amelia, Romeo and Vlad discuss the next steps. "Vlad do you think we're ready?" Romeo asks.

"Donovan is. The one named after an herb, not so much. Amelia here well, if she listens to what I have said she will be fine as well. But we both know she is too stubborn to bother taking my advice."

Amelia speaks up, "Just because I hate your guts and wish you'd light up like a firecracker on the fourth of July in the sunlight doesn't mean I won't take your fighting advice. That's all I'd take from you though."

"Please woman, tell me how you really feel." Vlad says sarcastically.

"Awe. Did I hurt your wittle feelwings?"

"Touche Amelia, touche." He says with a smile. Such life and fire in these modern women. I miss feeling like that too. Perhaps I should explore these woman a little's been far too long since I've bedded a woman. "Well." he says interrupting his own thoughts. "I think we can call it a night for now. It is three in the morning and I have things to do."

"THREE IN THE MORNING?" Amelia screeches. "Oh my God, we have to get back to the kids! I didn't know it was that late."

She rushes off to find Donovan so they can get home. Hopefully Emmalina is asleep and won't see them coming in so late. She has no idea how she'll explain them coming it at this hour.

When they finally get home and quietly tip toe in side both Emmalina and Mason are asleep. "That was close." Donovan whispers asnthey quickly make their way to their bedroom.

"I know! We will have to pay more attention to the time."

"What do we say when we have to patrol the streets all night? How are we going to explain that."

"I have no idea. I haven't thought that far in advance yet." Amelia says as they climb into bed and Donovan wraps his arms around her.

"Well you better think fast. Romeo will probably need us soon."

"Hopefully we'll come up with something by then." She says as she yawns. "I'm exhausted."

"Me too. I haven't had a work out like that in awhile."

"Don't forget we have to be careful for the next sixteen hours. I think I almost broke the elevator button when I pushed it."

"Yeah, no way in hell we could explain breaking a doorknob off."

"No definitely not." Amelia yawns again. "Goodnight, I love you." She says as she kisses him.

"Night, I love you too."

Donovan quickly falls asleep. Amelia is left thinking, starring at the ceiling. No more weak, scared Amelia. That's for damn sure. She turns over and soon falls asleep as well.


Yay for Vlad time. How are you guys liking the new appearance of Vlad? He was created by Twilight and you can find him here. He looks so much better as a human but obviously he needs to be a vampire for my purposes. Hopefully he is as great as we all remember. Sorry there isn't more fighting scenes. There is but so much I can do with the little bit of fighting poses I have.


  1. So if this is the vampire fight club are we still not allowed to talk about it?

    (Sorry. HAD to make the joke first)

    Anyway. You know my feelings about Vlad already but just to reiterate them... HOT. But then again, its his personality I love. I'm so jealous of Amelia for being able to resist his allure. I'd be putty in his hands. Oh god what's wrong with me...

    Still can't get over how pretty Emmalina is.

    1. LMAO! No you can't!

      I know right? I'm the same way. He can be charming when he wants but I love his surliness.

      She is. When she turns into a YA I'll add her to my downloads a .sim file!!!

  2. Vlad is great! And I can't help but concur with cece on the putty bit........and it is his personality that's the best! Specially his "feelwings"

    I love the attitude emmalina has! She takes after her mum I think :D

    1. It is. I'm so glad I could make Vlad the Impaler a likable guy. I thought it would be hard but I really love him myself.

      Lol. Oh she has a bit of fire in her too. =]

  3. Vlad is fantastically old world looking, perfect for such an ancient vampire

    I'm looking forward to seeing Emmalina trying to find out what her parents are hiding from her and how they deal with that

    1. I agree! That's why I thought he needed an upgrade. I also didn't expect to like him so much but I want him more in the story now.

      Me too. I wonder what she will think of all of this. I actually aged her in CAS just to take a look see and she still has this innocence thing going on.

  4. Vlad looks like Rasputin! Which is totally appropriate, lol.
    I'm also looking forward to seeing if/when/how Emmalina finds or figures out what her parents are up to.
    Great chapter!

    1. Thank you! And yes, he does!

      That's coming up soon!

  5. *puts puzzle pieces together hoping they fit correctly* I have a feeling Emmalina & unbeknownst vampire boy are going to get together and Emmalina will figure everything out... at least that's what I want to happen :) I hope however she figures it out though that she won't be too pissed or upset :/ She's one hell of a good looking sim!

    1. Well, you put the right pieces in the right place. =D I glad you wanted that to happen because that's what is going to happen.

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    1. Yes, she is a mess.

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