Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chapter Four: Dracula

When Amelia walks into the crime scene, she has to mentally assure herself she'll be okay. You'll be fine. Don't throw up. Don't faint. It's not like before. You don't know this person. Focus! You can't find out who did this if you can't handle looking at it.

"Are you okay?" asks Romeo, interrupting her thoughts.

"Yes, I'm fine. What do we got?"

"The victim is a male, Caucasian, probably around 25 years old."

Amelia watches Bianca kneel down to examine the body more closely. "Good God, look at his throat. There is barely anything left. Someone was angry when they did this." she said.

"I noticed the blood splatters on the wall. The victim tried to fight off his attacker. When his throat was injured, he was facing this wall where it sprayed. Then when he fell, it pumped out of his throat and onto the floor." said Amelia.

"I agree. The ME just showed up. She'll need a body bag, I'll go grab one for her." said Romeo. A few minutes later he comes back with the ME and body bag and helps her with the body.

"The ME just mentioned something that could take this case in an entire different direction." said Romeo

"What did she say?" asked Bianca.

"That the body had very little blood inside of him."


"What does that have to do with anything?" asked Amelia.

"Do you see six quarts of blood on this carpet?" Bianca asked.


"Then that means it went somewhere and if I had to make an educated guess then I'm guessing it was drunk."

"We've got another rouge." said Romeo.

"Yeah, and a pissed off one at that." agreed Bianca.

"I...I need to sit down."

"Amelia if you can't handle this then maybe you need to rethink joining the Night Hunters."

"God Bianca, give her a break. It's only been a couple of weeks since she found out about all this shit." Romeo said.

"No, I'm fine it's just the smell is making me a little dizzy. I'm just going to go and sit on the couch."

Amelia stands up and walks over to a couch on the other side of the room, as far away from the blood as she can get. Romeo and Bianca follow her. "This changes things for her Romeo. We need to start her training tomorrow night. " said Bianca.

"I know, what else do we know about the body?" asked Romeo.

"Not much. He lived here alone. The downstairs tenant heard screaming so she reported it to the Landlord. He's the one who found the body and called us. From what I've heard from the neighbors, he was a nice guy, everyone liked him. It's a damn shame. I'm going to go out and follow the body back to the ME's office. See what else I can find." said Bianca.

"Alright, call me when you know something." Romeo said. Bianca walked out the door and headed to the ground floor.

"Tomorrow night I'll arrange for your training. I'll have the best I know training you. If I didn't, Donovan would kill me." Romeo said.

Amelia laughs, "Yeah, you're probably right. He is over-protective."

"I know he is but you can't blame him for that, Amelia. That guy has been through some tough shit. I'm surprised he even gets out the bed in the morning. Or at least I was until a tall blonde came into his life. How's that going by the way?"

"Really good actually. I think he going to move in with me."

"Oh really? He tells me nothing. Looks like I'll be looking for a new roommate. But I'm glad he's finally happy and he seems to be at peace with Danielle and Jason's death. He can't hold on to them forever and I'm glad you helped him see that."

Amelia nods her head and says, "He's helped me heal too. I guess fate is trying to make up for the horrible events we went through."

"I'm glad you guys found each other....You're welcome by the way since I'm the one who introduced you."

Amelia grins and rolls her eyes, "Yes thank you so much and please take all the credit for this relationship."

"Oh I will. Well I guess we need to head out and let the crime scene guys do their job. Meet me tomorrow at the subway near your house and we'll take the the tunnel to our training center."

"It's under the city?"

"Yes, that's the best place to hide it from humans."

"Alright, what time should I be there?"

"Around 7:00pm. We have to wait until it gets dark so the vampires can come."

"Vampires are training me?" Amelia asks. Vampires still make her a little nervous and she's not sure her mind is strong enough to resist being compelled.

"Yes, like I said, he's the best I know."

Amelia meets Romeo at the subway station and follows him through tunnels, corridors and even a wall until they finally reach where they're going. "Amelia this is William. He's an officer on the night shift. William this is who I was telling you about, Amelia Burkhart."

"Nice to meet you ma'am."

"Nice to meet you too." she replies with a smile. Okay this isn't so bad. He seems nice.

Romeo walks over and hands her a pill. "Take this. We've already trained with them and know how our bodies react to them. Now it's your turn. Amelia grabs the pill and swallows it down. After a couple of minutes the pill starts to take effect.

"Wow, I feel great. How long does this last?" she asks.

"Roughly about 24 hours." He gives her a small bottle with 10 pills inside. "Here's the rest of yours. Only take them when I call and tell you to." She grabs the bottle and nods her head. She puts the bottle in her pocket just as the door opens.

A man steps in and Romeo introduces them. "Amelia this is Vlad. He'll be the one training you. He's the best we've got." Haha. Vlad? Way to be original Mr. Tall, Dark and Scary.

"It's original if you are the original." says Vlad.

"What? You can't mean you're the original Vlad that Bram Stoker wrote about. Vlad the Impaler?"

"Yes, that is me." Un-freaking-believable. I'm being trained by that crazy guy who killed and tortured thousands of people.

"It was a different time back them. I was protecting my kingdom. The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout... Vlad scowled as he said, "Stop that."

"Well, you stop reading my mind!" she countered.

"I will read your mind any time I wish to."

"Romeo, I can't deal with him. He's arrogant, snarky....Ugh, you're crazy if you think I'm gonna let him train me."

"Amelia listen to me, Do you think I'd ever want to go and tell Donovan you've been killed? Do you think I want to watch you get your throat ripped out? No I don't. He's the best at what he does and he WILL train you whether you like it or not. "

"Fine, let's get this over with."

"Since you've taken Brams you should be as strong and as fast as Vlad." said Romeo.

Vlad steps in front of Amelia. "Are you ready to begin?" he says as he raises an eyebrow.

"I'm ready."

Everyone watches while Amelia and Vlad fight. "No. You are doing it wrong. Hold your hands near your neck to protect it. Our instinct is to go for your neck." Vlad starts starring at Amelia's neck making her uncomfortable.

"Will you stop that? You're giving me the creeps!"

"I am sorry. I was not able to feed before I arrived here."

"Well, I'm not lunch."

"Maybe not yet, but if you don't work on your stances you will be." he said honestly. God, I want to punch him in the face so bad!

"Do you?"

"I told you to stop that."

"And I told you I would not."

"Hey you guys get back to training and quit bickering." Romeo chimes in.

"I will let you punch me in the face as you so wish to do."

Amelia didn't even the think about, she balled her fist up and thrust her arm, aiming right for him mouth. It would have broken his jaw if she landed it but Vlad quickly grabbed her arm and twisted it so fast it probably would have snapped if she hadn't taken that pill. He had her back against his chest grabbed her head and pulled it to the side and leaned down towards her neck.

"Do you see how easily emotions can cause you to make mistakes? Even if you did take that pill, you would bleed out before it could repair the damage I could do to your throat." He let her go quickly, a little too tempted being that close to an artery. They practiced for hours. Stances, blocks, punches, kicks. The only thing she didn't learn was how to fly. She hated to admit it but he was a great teacher, she'd rather die before she'd admit that out loud though. Vlad got a smug look on his face. Dammit. Dammit Dammit. You son of a bitch.

"Romeo I think that is enough practice for this night. I need to go home and get a blood bag unless you want to give Amelia a transfusion?"

"Umm no, no. That's enough. I don't think Amelia would too much care to be fed on. You damn skippy.

"She agrees. So with that I bid you all a good night." You're still a creep. "Until next time, Amelia." he said with an arrogant smile as he left the room.

"I really hate you right now, Romeo."

"I know, but like I said he's the best."

"Well I guess he is. He's had what...almost 600 years of practice. He's an asshole."

"He gets the job done. Plus I hear from others that's he's really mellowed out over the last century."

"My God he was worse? Whatever, I'm sweaty, sticky and tired. I'm going home."

"Are you coming to work tomorrow?" Romeo asks.

"No I have tomorrow off. Donovan and I made plans to go to the beach. I need you to walk me out of this place."

"Alright. Come on." Amelia waves bye to William, who seemed to enjoy himself with Amelia and Vlad's bickering. Romeo walks her out and she heads home to take a shower and go to sleep after a long, exhausting...annoying day.


Vlad the Impaler, who is actually Vladimir in Bridgeport. I had to do a quick Google search on him because I barely remember anything about him. I'm trying to make him a likeable character in my story which is hard since the real Vlad was such a horrible man. But hopefully I'm succeeding. I really need to find more fighting posing and death scenes but all the ones I like are for Sims 2. So if anyone has some suggestions on those, I'd love to take a look at them. These scenes were taken in my neighborhood copy. The room they are actually in is a remake of Amelia's apartment because I was lazy and didn't feel like building anything. =] Hope you guys enjoyed it!


  1. great chapter! Vlad the Impaler is a tough guy to make likable, that's for sure.

    I loved the opening scene. Forensics is fun!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's almost impossible I think, but I'll keep trying. I wish I would have given him a makeover first because now I have an idea for him later in my legacy. Yes, they are fun. Thankfully I watch a lot of cop shows!

  2. CSI! Yay!

    I already like Vlad and how he and Amelia react to each other!

    1. Lol. Me too! When I was writing it I was laughing. They are quite the pair aren't they? Ahaha.

  3. Vlad is sexy lol. Anf bickering scenes are always funny :P

  4. Hahaha, Vlad. I guess I want very original either, huh?? But that was my inspiration as well. I mean, who else could it be? =>

    I, personally, think you made him pretty endearing. Bickering is fun!

    Loved the CC in the first scene! Very cool!!

  5. Awesome chapter! I think I have a crush on Vlad. Something about a cocky guy just makes me melt. Hehe, and I love the bickering too. I'm really enjoying your legacy so far!