Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chapter Six: Another One Bites The Dust

"Why are you doing this, Reuben? What did I ever do to deserve this?" Amelia sobs.

"You're just the bait for the one I'm really after." he snarls. Oh God, Romeo was right. The target has been Donovan all along. "Yes, he's the one I've really been after. But I wanted to make him suffer first and what better way to do that then make him watch me kill his wife and unborn child? He'll run to your rescue with nothing else on his mind, making him an easy kill. I wanted to kill you both at your wedding but fucking Romeo had to bring the entire team, making it impossible."

Anger starts to boil over in Amelia. This son of bitch is about to take everything away from her including her own life. "Why? Why do you want to hurt him so badly?" she growls.

"Because he killed my brother! All because of some insignificant human girl."

It dawns on her who he's talking about. "The rouge that killed his fiancée and his best friend." she mutters in disbelief.

"He wasn't a rouge. My brother and I have spent centuries drinking from humans. When the council passed that ridiculous law, we refused to drink from blood bags. Sometimes we got a little carried away. So what if we killed humans along the way. You're the sheep, we're the wolves. It's nature."

"So what?! You were killing innocent people!"

"No, we killed humans, our food. It's no different than humans killing and eating baby cows." My god we're nothing more than cattle to these things. "Enough questions. Your husband should have gotten my little message by now. Time to lure him in."

Donovan stands starring at the wall. His phone starts ringing and he mindlessly answers it and holds it to his ear. Someone starts talking on the other end but he doesn't hear a word they're saying. All he can think about is Amelia. He hears Amelia screaming in his ear. "Amelia!" he yells.

"Do I have you attention now?" says a cold voice on the line.

"What have you done with her?" he screams, letting the rage he feels come to the surface.

"Oh she's fine, a little bloody now but still alive. Do you want to keep her that way?"

"Whatever you want, I'll do it, just don't hurt her again."

"Your life for hers."

"Done." he answers without a second thought.

"Good, I'm glad we have an understanding. You have one hour. If you're not here by then, she dies."

The person on the line gives him an address then hangs up. Don't be stupid. His instincts kick into high gear. He's not going to let her go. Years of training start taking over while he tries to keep his emotions in check. He grabs his silver knife he keeps hidden under the mattress and grabs something off the kitchen counter and runs out the door. While he's in his car racing, through the streets, his phone rings again. He picks it up, it's Romeo.

"Donovan where are you?" He doesn't answer. "Dammit Donovan. I'm at your apartment. I came over here when Amelia hung up on me because someone was at the door and I had a bad feeling. I saw the wall." They are both quiet for a minute. "Is she still alive?"


Romeo lets out a sigh of relief. "You know this is a trap don't you?"

"I figured it was. I prepared for it."

"Where are you?"

"On my way to save my wife."

"Tell me the address. You'll need back up."

"You won't get there in time, I'll have to do this on my own."

"Just tell me the damn address." Donovan gives him the address.

"I'm here." and he hangs up.

Donovan rushes into the building and down to the basement. The first thing he sees is Amelia, lying on the floor. God, no. Please don't let her be dead. Not again. Amelia gives a soft grunt of pain. He runs over to the cell where's she being kept but someone comes out of the shadows, blocking his way to her. "YOU!" Donovan bellows. "I should have killed you that night you came to the apartment."

"No I should have killed you but I was unprepared and weak from lack of feeding. I went there to find out information on the newest member of the team. You have no idea how surprised I was to find you there. But then I saw how upset you got over me asking about Amelia, it dawned on me that you loved her. Which made me rethink my whole plan. Making you suffer as you've made me suffer. That last vampire you killed was my brother. He was all I had left and you took him away from me. So I'm going to take everything you love away from you."

Reuben swiftly started heading towards Amelia, fangs out. Donovan was just as fast, knocking him out the way and pointed his knife to his chest.

"That's impossible."

"Not if I was smart enough to take Brams before I came here."

Reuben circles around Donovan and asks, "How did you get those? Renee said they weren't out of the testing trials yet."

"I guess Renee was misinformed." Donovan races towards Reuben, barreling into him and knocking them both to the ground.

Both men are fighting for their lives. They struggle on the hard, stone floor. But Donovan is fighting for a lot more than just his life, he's fighting for his wife and child too. Reuben tries to wrap his hand around Donovan's throat but Donovan knocks it away with his elbow then brings his knife down into the vampire's chest. He twists it left and then right.

Donovan watches the light go out of Reuben's eyes. "Say hello to your brother for me." Reuben's body starts to shrivel up and within seconds there's nothing left but bones. Donovan get's up and walks over to the cage Amelia is in.

Donovan tries to wake her up but she doesn't move. He starts to panic until he notices her chest is moving. She's still alive. I haven't lost her. I haven't lost them. He's swallowed up by his relief and tears fall down his face. He bends down when he notices her face. It's bloody and bruised. I want to kill that motherfucker all over again. He snaps the chain of the handcuffs and gently picks her up and carries her out of the cage.

"Donovan!!??" he hears Romeo yell. He clears his throat to answer.

"Down here."

Romeo and Vlad come running down the stairs. Both at lightening speeds. When Romeo sees Donovan carrying Amelia he stops dead to say, "Please tell me she's still alive."

"Yes. I can hear her heart beating." Vlad answers.

"Thank God! Donovan what happened? Who did this?" Romeo asks.

"Reuben Littler."

"WHAT!? Why would he do something like this?"

"His brother is the one that killed Danielle and John. He wanted revenge on me for killing him."

"That would make sense." Vlad says.

"How does that make sense!?" Romeo yells.

"I'm not condoning what he has done, but for a vampire who has yet to find his eternal mate, family is all we have left. When he killed Reuben's brother he left him completely alone."

"Well what about Renee? He had her?"

"Oh please, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Vampires marrying someone who is not their mate? It is almost unheard of. I actually suspected he did that to be closer to the team, to find out as much information on all and previous team members."

"My God, I just welcomed him in, didn't even think twice about it." Romeo muttered.

"It's not your fault." Donovan said quietly. It's mine.

"Blaming yourself are we?" asked Vlad.

"It is not your fault either. These things just happen." he continued. Both Donovan and Romeo look at him with disbelief. "What? They do." Vlad says innocently then turns to Donovan to ask, "How did you defeat him?"

"Brams. Amelia lift her bottle of them on the counter, I grabbed them on my way out."

"Those scientists are getting a big bonus this month." Romeo says. Amelia starts shifting in Donovan's arms. She opens her eyes and the first thing she sees is Donovan's face. Romeo and Vlad leave to give them privacy and call in the mess that needs to be cleaned up.

He puts her down and wraps his arms around her burying his face in his hair. "I thought I'd lost you. Are you alright? We should probably take you to the hospital."

"No, I'm fine. My face hurts and I think I have a few fractures but there isn't really anything they can do. It will heal on it's on." Donovan opens his mouth to argue but Amelia interrupts him. "What happened?" she asks. Donovan tells her everything that happened. "I'm glad you had a plan and took Brams. He wasn't expecting that. He figured you would just come rushing over."

"I would have if I hadn't been trained so well. I've seen what happens when you let emotions rule you. You don't think, you just act. John showed me that. I learned from his mistake."

Donovan suddenly panics and reaches down to touch Amelia's stomach. "Is the baby okay?" he asks.

"Yes, the baby's fine."

Donovan smiles in relief. He rubs his hand across her stomach, so thankful that everything turned out alright. "Come on, let's get you home." Donovan leads her up the stairs and out of the building. Romeo and Vlad are no where to be seen so he helps Amelia in the car and drives her home.

When they get home Donovan tells her, "Don't go into the bedroom."

"Why?" "Because I need to clean off the wall."

"Why? What's on it?"

"It's not important, after I'm done, I'll help you take a shower."

Not wanting to push it, she let's it go and decides to ask him about it later. He's still on the edge and she doesn't want to push him off. "Fine, but I can shower by myself, It will only take a minute."

Amelia doesn't give him the chance to argue and she hurries into the bathroom and shuts the door. She turns on the shower. Before she starts undressing she catches a glimpse of her face in the mirror and turns to stare at it. The shock of it makes her start to sob. She tried to be so strong for Donovan but now as she looks at her face all of the fear and anger come out. I could have died. We all could have died. She takes off her clothes and gets in the shower where she sits down and cries.


Ugh, I had a tough time writing this chapter. I just couldn't get the story out like I wanted. =/ But hopefully you guys don't think it's too horrible! Also I think Amelia is going to have a tough time dealing with her abduction.


  1. It wasn't terrible at all. I dare say it may even have been good. (No seriously. It was great. Very well written, good job.)

    I still want to slap Amelia for going to the door in the first place but I'll just blame the baby hormones. I hope she and Donovan can move past this whole fiasco and raise their baby alright.

    1. Thank you so much! =D

      I know! I blame it on that and her panic for Donovan. Though in all honesty if she hadn't answered the door he would have just broken the lock and still grabbed her.

  2. I thought it was really well written, well done

  3. That was a great chapter! Very well done!

    Seriously Amelia, you must be kidding me, with "a few fractures" and that face you don't refuse to go to the hospital lady! You are some piece of work!

    1. Thank you!

      Lol, that was actually my fault. I was trying to make sure I had all the photos and then when I started writing I was like, Crap. She should probably go to the hospital. But she's tough on the outside, not one to show weakness.

    2. Hehe, don't you hate it when that happens?

      I'd let Donovan kick her to the hospital first thing in the morning! What is another bruise on her after all :P

  4. Wow, this was a great chapter, Jessica.
    And, yeah, I agree with Klev, Amelia, you need to get to a hospital! like now, lol.
    I'm glad Donovan learned to think first and came prepared.

    1. Thank you!

      Yes. I completely forgot about the hospital bit until I started to get to that part. Oh well, she's a tough girl. I'm glad he prepared too, else they all would have died.

  5. Action packed chapter!! Awesome!

    That is quite a disturbing last picture! Yikes!!!

    As for this being Amelias fault, in the last chapter I read it as amelia heard the sound of the apartment door opening or something and assumed it was Donovan. I didn't read it as she opened the door for the kidnapper. So she's clear in my book. =)

  6. I read it the same way as Red, lol. Now about this chapter...

    Damn girl. You know how to keep a reader's attention! Your writing is really, really good. Color me impressed. (Translated, all that nonsense I just wrote means I'm loving your legacy. In case it wasn't clear. =D)