Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chapter Nine: Sweet Child Of Mine

After the movers have placed all the furniture and Amelia has rearranged it several times, she walks abround the apartment taking it all in. Everything is perfect. It's just what we needed. Donovan walks up to her and asks, "So what do you think if the new place? Did I do a good job or what?"

Cocky are we? "Meh, it's alright." she says as she hides a smile.

He looks at her in disbelief. "You don't like it?"

"I do, it's perfect. But next time how about you pick up a phone and call a person before you make such a huge decision on your own okay?

He relaxes a little. "Okay maybe I should have called but the look on your face when I told you made it worth it."

"Mmm, I bet." she says as she squints her eyes at him.

Just then they hear sounds coming from Emmalina's room. "I'll go check on her." Donovan says and starts to walk down the hallway.

Donovan walks into her room to see her playing with her toy xylophone. He sits down in front of her. "What are you doing baby?"

"Play, play, play." she says as she bangs the little toy. She likes the sound it makes. She then brings her attention to the sticks and begins to chew on it.

"No, no. Don't put that in your mouth." Donovan says as he grabs it from her and hits the notes playing a little tune. "See?"

She giggles. "Yay, Daddy!" she says as she claps. He hands her back the stick and she begins to hit the notes in amazement.

Donovan sits there smiling as he watches his daughter's fascination with her toy. He kisses her on her head. "Okay kiddo, it's time for bed." He lifts her up and puts her in the crib. "Goodnight, I love you."

She yawns as she says, "Night night, Daddy. Wuvs you." He stands there and watches her fall asleep. When she's drifts off to sleep he walks out to find Amelia.

Donovan finds her in the kitchen, cleaning the stove. "What was she doing?" she asks as he walks up to her.

"Playing with her toys. She seems to really like that xylophone."

"I figured she would. But by the time she grows out of it, we'll probably be ready to throw it out the window." she says as she laughs.

He smiles at her and reaches he hand to rub across her cheek. "I want to have another baby."

Amelia is a little shocked at first. "Are....are you sure about this?"

"Yes, why do you think I wanted this three bedroom apartment so bad? We have the room, we're financially stable and we love each other. I don't see why we can't expand our family just a little more."

"I don't see any reason why we can't either."

He picks her up and heads towards the bedroom. "What are you doing?" she asks through her laughter.

"There's no time like the present to start trying." Amelia couldn't agree more.

Weeks have passed and there's still no luck with Amelia getting pregnant. It sure didn't take this long last time, he thinks. Amelia has a doctor's appointment tomorrow and hopefully they will get some answers. But today is Emmalina's birthday and they need to focus all of their attention on her for her special day. They've decided to have the party at the park. He invited Romeo and Bianca to celebrate. We really need some more friends for occasions like this. He thinks as he hangs up the phone. They leave early to get everything prepared. When they get to the park, Donovan fires up the grill and cooks the weenies for the hot dogs.

When Bianca shows up she has some news of her own. "Congratulations Bianca!" exclaims Amelia. "I'm so happy for you! Do you know what you're having?"

"No, not yet. We want to be surprised."

"Well, I'm sure the baby will be perfect no matter what it is. You know Donovan and I are trying to having another baby too."

"Don't tell Romeo that. He's taking over The Night Hunters as well as Captain at the station when I'm on maturity leave. He's not excited about all his female hunters running off having children."

Amelia laughs, "Romeo will just have to deal with it. We won't be young forever. He might can have kids when he's 60 but we can't."

Bianca agrees, "Exactly, that's what I said."

Donovan calls everyone over to do the cake. Amelia grabs Emmalina out of the sandbox and heads over to the cake.

Everyone gathers around the cake and sings Emmalina "Happy Birthday" and she tries to blow out the candles. She manages it with a little help from Amelia. They all sit down and have cake and ice cream. Romeo is constantly on his cell phone barking orders at some poor person, she can see the stress all over his face. Hmmm, maybe Bianca is right, he's probably going to flip when he finds out I might not be back at work even longer than expected.

After everyone is finished with their cake, Emmalina asks Donovan to swing her. She races to the swing with Donovan right behind her. "Faster, Daddy, Faster!" she yells as he pushes her.

Amelia grins as she watches them. Romeo walks up to her, "When can you be back at work? The station needs you and so does The Night Hunters."

Oh damn. "Uhhh actually Romeo, Donovan and I are trying to have another baby." she says as she winces.

He sighs, "You ladies are killin' me over here. Just killin' me."

"I'm sorry! But I can't put my life on hold. I can't just pick up and have kids when I retire, I'll be too old!"

"I know, I know, I know. I can have kids when I'm old and grey but you can't. Bianca said the same thing. But that still doesn't change the fact that I'm falling apart over here. I'm stressed, over worked. I have no social life and let's not even begin to comment on my love life which is nonexistent."

"I'm sorry Romeo. But please don't make me feel guilty for trying to get pregnant." she says with tears almost in her eyes.

"Dammit Amelia, I'm sorry." He says as he brings her in for a hug. "I'm just so stressed and frustrated and I'm taking it out on you. You don't deserve that. I really hope you and Donovan have another kid. You already have a beautiful little girl and I know your next child will be just as beautiful and loved as Emmalina.

"Thank you Romeo. That means a lot to me. You've been there for me and Donovan through a lot and we really appreciate it."

"I know. Well listen, I've got to run, things to do, people to kill. Let me know how everything turns out and how much time you'll need off again."

"Alright, I will. Thank you for coming. I'll see you later, I guess."

They tell each other bye and Amelia walks over to Donovan and Amelia.

Amelia takes the swing next to her daughter and swings too. She tries to let go of her worry and guilt and just enjoy this time with her family.

This next morning Amelia goes to her doctor's appointment to have blood work and tests done to see why they are having trouble conceiving. Later that day she get's a phone call from her doctor. "Hello?" she asks as she answers her phone.

"Mrs. Burkhart?"

"Yes, this is her."

"Oh Mrs. Burkhart this is Dr. Richardson. I'm calling to inform we got the lab results back on your blood work."

"Is there something wrong?"

"Not at all Mrs. Burkhart. In fact, you're already pregnant. Congratulations!"

"I am!?" Amelia lets out a sign of relief and tears start to well in her eyes. "Thank you Dr. Richardson."

"No problem, just take care of yourself and that baby and we will see you back here for the delivery. Have a good day."

"You too, bye."

She sits on the couch for a minute taking everything in. Donovan walks into the living to see her sitting on the couch. He walks over as she stands up. "What's wrong?" he asks as he sees her tears.

She grabs his hands and puts them to her stomach and smiles from ear to ear. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?" he asks. As tears of joy fall down her cheeks she nods her head.

He embraces her and grabs her face. "God Amelia, do you know how much I love you?" He kisses her cheeks, her nose, her forehead and finally her lips. He breaks the kiss to panic, "We have so much to do! We need to have a nursery, pick out names and....."

"Donovan, calm down. We will get it all done. As for the names, do you have any in mind?"

"Not really. I'm not that good with things like that. When I was boy I had a black dog. Do you know what I named it? Blacky."

Amelia laughs, "Okay, Well let's see......" Amelia thinks for a minute trying to remember the names she picked out from her previous pregnancy before she decided on Emmalina. "If it's a girl, we could name her Claire and if it's a boy we could name him Mason. How do you like those?"

"They're perfect. A lot better than Blacky." he says as he smiles.

"I'm glad you think so." she grins.

They hold each other for a little while longer. Letting the happiness take them over as they think about what life and love has given them.


I promise you guys I will get back to The Night Hunters storyline soon. Having kids takes up a lot of the time and I wanted to go ahead and get them out the way. But Amelia WILL eventually go back to work and we'll see more of the vampires. Just bare with me through all these birthdays!


  1. O_o Nice house, Donovan. If only all men could make decisions that well.

    I love love love Emmalina's child look. She's so cute and I can't wait to see Amelia and Donovan's second child.

  2. Yay, more babies! Donovan and Amelia are such a sweet couple, and Emmalina is darling.

  3. I was starting to worry that the kidnapping might have affected Amelia's ability to have another child for a bit there... Glad she's managed to get pregnant again though :)

  4. Thanks everyone!

    AliH- I ALMOST wrote that into the story but the last time I had them try for a baby, she finally got pregnant! They were woo hooing all over the place trying to conceive a child. Lol.

  5. Emmaline keeps being cute! I don't know what you do to those Sims, they have this thing going on that's just.....oh I don't know how to explain!

    I love how you make things that most people take for granted so special in your story!

    1. Thank you Klev! Lol, that thing I do is CC. I'm a CC junkie! I've got CC all over the place.

      Thank you! I'm guessing you are referring to the pregnancy? I was about to get a little worried there for a second. I had to try for a baby I think 5 times before she got pregnant.

    2. lol well it does helps! (im jealous, wish i could do that!) but it's also style, it's sort of classic and I love it!

      not just the pregnancy, though that as well, but like the playing with the xylophone, you create conversation around it and I can relate to those sort of things the way you describe them :) I like that!

  6. Whew! Preggers at last! I was wondering if the next kid was going to be adopted!

    While the Night Hunters plot is amazing and awesome, the sweet family plot is just as good! =)