Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chapter Seven: Welcome

It's been 3 days since Amelia was abducted by Reuben. She's done nothing except sleep and shower. Donovan is a mess. He doesn't know what to say to comfort his wife. She keeps telling him she's fine and not to worry but he knows she's just trying to make him feel better. So Donovan decides to give Romeo a call to see if he can help. He takes out his phone to dials his number. Romeo answers on the first ring.

"Hey Donovan, is everything okay?"

"Not exactly. Romeo I can't get her to talk to me. Amelia has done nothing but sleep since Reuben took her. It's not like I don't understand but I'm worried. She's not eating that well and I'm afraid the baby isn't getting what it needs."

"Probably because you're playing the sympathetic, loving husband. Amelia needs a push. A hard, in your face push and I'm just the man to do it. Did she let that Doctor I sent over examine her face?"

"Yeah she did but not without an argument. I think she feels embarrassed about it but her face looks a lot better. It's still healing though."

"Alright, I'll leave work in a few minutes and then I'll be on my way to your place."

"Thanks, I appreciate this, Romeo."

"Not a problem, she's my friend too."

Donovan hangs up his cell phone and reads a book while he waits on Romeo to come over.

Donovan hears a knock at the door and let's Romeo in. "Why the hell are you in a Chef's uniform?" Donovan asks as they walk into the kitchen.

"I'm working an undercover job. Meth lab at a restaurant. People are getting way too brave these days. But anyways, where is Amelia?"

"She's asleep on the bed...again. I think being that close to death has really shaken her up."

"Let's see if I can't get back the old Amelia." Romeo walks into the bedroom and sees Amelia lying on the bed. "Amelia! Get your ass out of that bed right now!" he yells.

Amelia jumps up, startled by his voice. "I'm up, I'm up. Geez you didn't have to yell."

"Apparently I did. You've done nothing but sulk around this apartment. You haven't been taking care of yourself."

"Well I'm sorry if I'm a little distraught but I was just kidnapped by a vampire who threatened my life."

"I know that, I was there. But Amelia, you're alive. You have your entire life ahead of you. You have a great man who loves you. He's so worried about you. You're pregnant and about to welcome a new life into the world. You have a lot going for you. You have people all around that love you and you need to let go of the bad."

"Don't you think I know this!" Amelia yells, tears streaming down her face. "I just can't get his face out of my head. Every time I close my eyes, all I see is him"

"Come here." Romeo says and Amelia walks over to him. He brings her in for a hug. "I know this is hard, but he can't hurt you anymore. He's dead. He's never coming back. You have to live your life. Where's the strong girl I met who wasn't afraid of anything, including vampires and was ready to kick some ass when I invited her to join a team who hunts them down?"

Amelia gives a little smile. "I'm right here."

"That's my girl. Let go of the pain and fear. Get angry! Use that anger when we fight those son's of bitches. That is if you're still on the team?"

Amelia thinks for a second. I am angry. I'm fucking pissed off. I was ripped from my home, handcuffed, locked in a cage. I was beat on while a leech threatened the life of my child, my husband and my own. "You bet your ass I am." she said with a little anger in her voice just thinking about what she went through, this time in a different light.

"Good. Now go let your husband know that and Amelia, you don't need to keep stuff from him. He's a big boy, he can handle it. He needs to know how you're feeling. Stop trying to protect him. Now I've to get back to work. I'll talk to you later okay?"

"Alright, I'll talk to you later." He gives give a finale hug goodbye and leaves.

Donovan walks over to Amelia. "Amelia, I...."

"Wait, before you speak I want to say something. I'm sorry for not telling you how I was feeling. I should have. I didn't want to make you worry but instead I probably made you worry more. I just thought I could deal with this on own. I've always had to deal with everything by myself. What I should have realized was I don't have to anymore because I'm not alone. I have you and I'm sorry it took me so long to realize that."

Donovan grabs her in his arms and plants a kiss on her forehead. "You do have me and I'm never going anywhere. I love you and I'm always here if you need me."

She pulls off his shirt and nuzzles her head between his neck and shoulder. Not very subtle but she can't stand it anymore. She hasn't touched him or kissed him in days and she needs his body against hers. She places small kisses around his collar bone and down his chest. "Let's go to bed." she says with a knowing smile. He lifts her up and carries her back to the bedroom.

For the next several days, Amelia is still staying in bed, but for very different reasons this time. One night while they were laying in bed, Amelia started having major pains in her abdomen. She jumps out of bed and sees her gown is wet. "Oh my God, my water just broke!"

"What!? It's not time, right? Is it? Amelia!?" Donovan says as he jumps up too.

"SHIT! No it's time now. NOW DAMMIT, NOW! Holy mother of JESUS!" She screams.

"Okay, okay. Calm down. I'm going to throw on clothes and get the car. Because this time we're going to the hospital. If I have to drag you kicking and screaming you are fucking going."

"YES! Just get the damn car!"

Donovan quickly dresses and runs to bring the car around. When he gets back to the elevator Amelia is there waiting, dressed and ready to go. He leads her carefully to the car. After she is seated he closes the door and gets into the driver's seat and pulls into traffic. "Are you okay? How are you feeling?"

"Well, I feel like I'm dying if that helps you understand it better. Step on the gas!"

"I'm driving as fast as I can!"

"Drive faster!"

After 10 minutes of speeding and weaving through traffic they arrive at the hospital. "Stay here and I'll go get you a wheelchair or something." He runs into the hospital to the front desk. "I need a wheelchair for my wife, she's in labor." A nurse grabs one from a room and heads out of the hospital to his car where Amelia is waiting. He opens her door and grabs her hand to gently guide her to the wheelchair and they wheel her back into the hospital so she can deliver the baby.

Eight hours of screaming, cursing and then crying, Donovan and Amelia walk out of the hospital with their daughter. "Wait, we never picked out a name! With everything that's happened, we forgot." Donovan says horrified.

"I actually sort of already picked one out. If that's okay. How do you like the name Emmalina?"

"It's beautiful, it matches her perfectly." he says with a smile. "Let's take her home."

Donovan, Amelia and Emmalina get into the car and start to head home. "Ummm, why are you driving 15 MPH?"


Amelia starts to chuckle, "Because why?"

"Because there are a lot of crazy drivers in this city and I want to be fully aware of them all."

"Mmmm." she says has she lifts her eyebrows.

It takes them almost an hour and a half to get back to the apartment. "Go ahead and lay down and rest. I'll feed Emmalina." Donovan says as they walk through the door.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'd like to."

"Alright, that's okay with me, I'm exhausted."

He kisses her quickly before getting a bottle to mix up the formula. "Um, Amelia how do you do this?" She puts a pot of water on the stove and explains everything that needs to be done. He follows her instructions very carefully and fixes the bottle. "See, it's not that hard, I'm going to lay down now."

"Okay, thanks. I've got it from here."

He picks up his daughter and feeds her. She's so beautiful. She's absolutely perfect. She finishes the bottle and he puts it in the sink to boil later. He puts his finger near her hand and Emmalina wraps her little hand around it and looks up at him. In that moment he's never felt anything like this. He feels like his heart is about to explode with the happiness and love he feels from one teeny tiny person.

Emmalina starts to get a little restless so he sits in the rocking chair and rocks her to sleep. When she finally falls asleep he lays her down in the crib. He stands over the crib and reaches down to gently place his hand on her tiny little chest. He makes a silent promise to her as he watches his hand go up and down with every little breath she takes. I promise you, I'll do everything in my power and then some to keep you safe. I'll never let anyone hurt you. You will always be loved and cherished until the day that I die. "I love you, Emmalina." he says out loud. After making sure she's still sound asleep, he walks over to the bed and takes off his clothes and climbs in. He wraps his arms around Amelia and drifts off to sleep as the happiest man in the world.


YAY! Emmalina is finally here and she will be my heir. I now have 1 of 2 children. Donovan is now on his 2nd job which is none. Amelia has been off work forever because of the baby. (I really hate this maternity leave in the game.) Oh and Romeo, what am I going to do about him showing up in odd outfits. I also, half of the time want to call him Ramone instead of Romeo. But Romeo is his name in the game and he really is Amelia's partner at work. Wish I would have thought about changing it before I started. Oh well. Also you may notice that this format is a bit different than usual and I want to give a special thanks to Cece for giving me some well needed advice at how I've been writing my chapters. Hopefully now everything is easier to read. I also changed my blog layout to suit this story better. The previous one worked very well with my first legacy but not so much with this one. I used my Photoshop skills again to add the blood splatter on a vintage background I found on Google. You still can't see half of the background but I know I resized that thing 10 times so I just gave up. It's looks okay on my laptop and desktop so hopefully it looks the same for everyone else. Thanks again for reading, I can't wait to read your comments!


  1. Well first of all, I love the new background. Fits the story really well and the red font looks good. And great job on the writing format. You got that down perfectly.

    Okay, now I can fangirl like I really want to.

    WHY IS DONOVAN SO FREAKING ADORABLE? I mean, usually I hate protective characters because when I write them they come out annoying or patronizing. But you just write it so well! The final scene with him alone with Emmalina just made me melt. Wish my daddy loved me that much. : P

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I got everything right. I wasn't 100% sure what to do about the thoughts so hopefully what I did was okay. As for the background, I Googled forever and couldn't find one that fit so I had to half make my own.

      Ahahaha. I know! The entire time I was writing it I was like, "D'aaaawww." Thank you, I was trying for a very protective but not so protective that you want to punch him in the face kind of thing. Glad to see I'm achieving that. I know, I love him with Emmalina, expect LOTS of Father-Daughter picture spam in my next chapter.

  2. I have a mod in my game that removes maternity leave... Also, if you have MC you can use it to make them go to work anyway on those random days they give you off.

    I can't wait to see Emmalina grow up! Donovan is going to be an awesome father, I can tell :) Poor Amelia just needing a kick in the gut to come around, but it's understandable. I wouldn't be able to get over something that horrible that quickly!

    1. Oh Really? I do have MC and half know what it does sometimes. Making them go to work is the half I didn't know. So thank you for that. Hopefully I can figure where it is.

      Me too! I love her coloring, it's what I was hoping for. Oh and you're right, If I went through anything like that I'd be scarred for life.

  3. I love the new background too!
    Emmalina is such a beautiful name. =D
    Donovan is really adorable, you did a great job writing him. My inner hopeless romantic is happy.

  4. Thank you! I don't even know where I heard it from. I might not even be spelling it correctly but that's how it sounds like it's spelled, to me anyways.

    YES! Both of our inner hopeless romantics are satisfied. =] Lol.

  5. It's great, the new background! I love the new layout!

    And what is it with babies that women always know how to do stuff while men are at a loss!

    You write great, I'm jealous!

    1. Thank you so much!

      Hmm, I don't know. Maybe we have stronger instincts or something? Yeah, let's just go with that. =]

  6. Welcome to the world Emmalina! I keep wanting to type Emmaline; because that's the name of a character in a novel I'm reading - so a preemptive whoops if I do it again and don't correct it.

    Everyone else has already said what I wanted to say, so I'll just leave it at that. ; )

    1. Thank you!

      Lol. That's okay. Firefox keeps telling me it's supposed to be Emmaline not Emmalina too.

  7. Yay!! The heir is here, the heir is here!!

    Donovan is going to be a great dad! I can tell. And Romeo showing up in different outfits is HILARIOUS! At least you have a plausible way to play it off in the story. I think it's great!

    Have to sleep now, but can't wait to get to the next chapter and see how little Emma's life gets started! Love love love your writing!!